The Great Awakening

Hello dearest friend,

Amazing times we live in, what an exhilarating time to be alive!

I’ve recently become aware of levels of reality previously unsuspected. Having studying and working in media for several years, being a polyglot polymath who has done a couple of things in two or three places, I was able to also learn a thing or two. Somehow I always thought that these were extraordinary times, however, I wasn’t quite expecting this kind of tragedy to happen in my this lifetime. Yet here we are, full-on in the most amazing plandemic I ever thought to be displayed in front of my very own eyes.

I totally disbelieved “conspiracy theories” about the Illuminati, a New World Order, the Rockefeller, Bill Gates (whom I thought until fairly recently that was a good guy, a genuine philanthropist who had given away 90% of his fortune), and thought that humanity was rotten to the core, that human nature was evil, and that justified all the wars and misery, that we were greedy and selfish, that humanity was destined to extinguish itself, after causing another mass extinction on Gaia.

So, with regards to this plandemic, what do the 4th industrial revolution and what the World Economic Forum have in store for us? What would you think if I told there was a connection between 9/11, Fukushima, Covid19, UN Agenda 2030 and many other things? Benjamin Fulford, polymath polyglot investigative journalist has an outstanding blog that there is a regular newsletter with amazing insights into the geostrategy of the major powers. He has almost died in well more than 5 assassination attempts by a teutonic knight who was also a P2 freemason lodge senior member, Japanese gangsters and North Korean agents and was the APAC Bureau Chief for Forbes for 7 years, having “Quit in profound disgust over extensive corporate censorship and mingling of advertising and editorial at the magazine. If they dispute this, I invite them to sue me, any place, any time.” Whilst he also has historically made some big blunders and claims that didn’t happen, and he is clearly used as a speaker for some interests, his predictions have been known to be at times accurate and at other times wildly wrong. David Wilcox also has a good blog, yet he has also made plenty of predictions of mass arrests and disclosure that have clearly not happened, or else we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we’re in now.

However, things have been changing dramatically with my consciousness and awareness since my NDE in Angola and, especially, since going back 10 years later. And so, with this plandemic unfolding, there is no way I can deny the reality that is unfolding now before our very eyes and lives.

As you may be already well aware, I now suspect that this is a fake virus, one that hasn’t even been properly isolated, or at the very least a lab-made virus with GOF (gain of function) research that first started in the USA and then continued at the Level 4 Institute of Virology of Wuhan. The inventor of the PCR tests, the Nobel Prize Kary Mullis said repeatedly that it wasn’t suited for epidemiological contexts and were inadequate to ascertain the viral load. David Crowe and David Rasnick go further and point at the numerous inconsistencies and incoherence in the official version, also explaining why serological tests are also not the new gold standard.

Have you seen the Out Of Shadows documentary that was having over one million views until it reached over 15 million in 10 days, when it was sudden and manually shadow-banned? Last time it was on almost 16 million people, yet now miraculously it only shows 4,663,287 views •13 Apr 2020

This is shadow-banning and cooking up numbers on a prime scale. And the same has been happening with the Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s cases and Pizzagate, that is trying to be framed as yet another conspiracy theory, when it clearly isn’t such.

It is known since quite a long time that the US government has experimented with mind-manipulation programs on innocent American citizens. MK Ultra (unregulated drugs, electroshock, sensory deprivation, torture and other extreme practices), powered by several high-profile Nazi officers (like Joseph Mengele and Sidney Gottlieb) who were hired under agreement from the Nuremberg trials, for something known as Operation Paperclip. One of the most prominent Manchurian candidates (“the best criminal is the one who doesn’t even know he has committed a crime”) was most likely Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of JFK. Even though MK Ultra and Paperclip were both disbanded, research continued in several secret programs, such as Project Bluebird (1950, changed to Project Artichoke in 1951), Operation Chickwit, Project Bizarre or DARPA as outlined in a major research called Bluebird, by Dr. Act Ross, former President of the International society for the Study of Dissociation.

Whilst the CIA has manipulated the public opinion thoroughly and the global elite keep spreading a number of false flags to legitimise the conspiracy theory speech and a plethora of wacky conspiracy theories on the internet, this is not just another conspiracy theory. Please check the data and official documentation, this is real and has been ongoing since well before WWII, since the Napoleonic wars. Here is even a video with several high-profile whistleblowers on the future of hacking our brains, or another on NSA whistle-blowers and weapons specialist on what is currently being done.

Regarding the Covid19 plandemic, there are few sources of reliable, trustworthy information. I personally advise this early treatment and also a site with fully referenced info on Covid19 and an overview of the state of the art of the Sars-Cov-2 real lethality. These American Doctors have also organised a public press conference, only to be brutally censored. Yet also in Spain and Germany many doctors are rising.

Doctor Andrew Kauffman explains to Spiro the relationship between face-masks and the social desensitising imposed on people, are unwholesome according to safety standards, as well as plans being implemented to modify our DNA, or the strategy that has been ongoing for ages to poison us through fluoride, systematically fluoridating our water.

I also highly recommend other Spiro’s talks, like this one on BLM and much more funding than George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, that it is the whole corporatocracy deep-state establishment, it is a wake up call!

Moving on to the source of this plandemic, what is and who are the Kazharian Mafia? The name sounded strange to me as well, yet perhaps you are more familiar with the Rothschild name? From the previous links you are also a bit familiar with Satanic blood rituals, paedophilia, torture, adrenochrome harvesting and other equally wonderful techniques of these fine people. Of course, a Rothschild (though perhaps sharing only the name and perhaps not coming from a family that worships Molloch, the God of child sacrifice, and is only formally Jewish since 700AD) is very quick to dismiss this as yet another conspiracy theory, yet a prominent Dutch banker drew the line when it came to sacrificing children and extracting adrenochrome, same as the Braveheart Mel Gibson did, telling Hollywood elites “kill innocent children and drink their blood”, which got him involved in a spate of cooked-up scandals that made him fall in disgrace and never again have a lead role in a major blockbuster until recently, or the porn Queen Jenna Jameson recently coming out on Tweeter about it. Their financial hold of the world has lasted for so long that they are now rampantly all out, they have lost any sense of accountability or decorum. Their history is to be known to all and should make for mandatory reading everywhere that wants to be freed from eternal wars and pain. It is most hard for most people to seriously consider that, yet please have a look at this timeline, as it is fully confirmed by historical events.

If humanity doesn’t rise, we shall perish or be enslaved, now it seems to me as being that simple. Implanting us like Borgs, what a wonderful idea that is proving to be, and a whole lot of people seem to be very willing in submitting to that…

Are you? Is this too big to handle, are you overwhelmed with feeling of “what can I do about it”? My suggestion is to raise awareness to this possibility, try and connect with other, research, inform yourself independently, connect, share, disconnect from artificial technology, reconnect to nature, to natural tech, go out in nature, refuse the technocratic agenda, 5G, trans-humanism, cashless society, forced vaccinations, one world cryptocurrency and one world government, IoT, AI, Covid19 Immunity Passports, ID2020. And reconnect to your heart, your electromagnetic powerhouse. Reconnect with your heart to make all important decisions, it knows much better than your mind ever will, at least when it is in coherence.

Now I’ve realised that the crux is at the top, how may the world function in a sane and healthy way when it is controlled by a satanic, pedophile network controlling everything and all, blackmailing, killing, cheating and ing, and ing…? This Khazarian mafia lure people in roles of influence all over the world in compromising situations, tape and register them, gotcha buster. They force individuals to fulfill their agenda, or else they appear mysteriously dead, they commit suicide in bizarre circumstances, or disappear from centre-stage, lose their job or business, et, etc. Perfidy, pure evil, degradation, iniquity, adultery, rape, pillage, depredation and collusion are its currency.

I suspect that this plandemic is one final move from the deep state, the cabal or our pedophile, satanic elites to implement a dystopian reality on this enslaved planet. WWIII is raging in the backstage and in the corridors of power, multinational corporations, Hollywood, big pharma laboratories, parliaments, and it won’t be televised.

Also, there is no use in googling (I don’t use Google or Chrome anyway, I use Brave and Swiss Cows) the White-hats or The White Dragon Society, the reptilians or The Illuminati or even the 13 Illuminati families or the 300 families that rule the world, as all available information on the internet is from the corporatrocacy and the Khazarian Mafia, it is false and deceiving. The online censorship and dictatorship is increasing tremendously fast, as can be seen by the countless medical doctors, researchers, scientists and activists being censored and having their profiles and pages deleted by Facebook and YouTube, or even from the internet. So, please be mindful that “for the evil to triumph it is enough for good people to do nothing”, we are being called to take a stand, please take one for compassion, love and life.

Some of the few links that I trust the most in this regard are:

I am also moving to a more secure platform to deal with these matters and carry on my investigations, as the dark hands of these evil people are quite far-reaching. Therefore, if you have any useful or important information to share, then please do so and drop me a line at shamanuzen (from) protonmail (of) com

Protonmail is one of the best platforms around privacy-wise, and you may want to check it out, as if you have one Protonmail account, then communications are fully end-to-end encrypted and not even Protonmail has access to our comms.

One love,

Manuel Trindade Correia Marques

Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Supercriminal?

ATTENTION: This article and website are completely safe, if you get a security warning it is only because it contains incriminating information against very powerful people and companies

This article of journalistic research focuses on William Gates III, best known as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

William Gates III was born in October 28th 1955 in Seattle, USA, from William Henry Gates II and Mary (Mary Ann) Maxwell, a family of affluence and power. His father was an attorney who co-founded Preston, Gates and Ellis, a law firm with offices across the USA and China, and was highly involved with the Rockefellers (he Sired John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil) and George Soros. The grandfather of Mary Maxwell was the President of the National Citybank and the Director of the Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve (FED).

His grandfather, James Willard Maxwell, was also a banker, and his grandmother, Adele Thompson, a prominent Seattle civic leader. Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates served as a director or on the board of several companies, including First Interstate Bank Corp, Unigard Security Insurance Group, Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company and KIRO TV of Seattle. She was a regent at the University of Washington and she was appointed to the board of the United Way of America, where she persuaded IBM’s CEO John Opel to help her son in his fledgling software venture.

Therefore, William Gates III or Trey as he was called in the clan was born into a family of very old money. Several genealogical sites show that he is even related to the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, going as far back as 1253 AD, and also to a President of the United States of America, Nelson Rockefeller.

As a piece of trivia, in his adolescence, William Gates III was arrested first in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico for speeding and driving without a valid driver’s license, and then for an undocumented traffic violation in December 13, 1977.

Microsoft secured contracts with the USA government even before it had a working software, and then with many other governments around the world. A curious fact is also that Bill Gates is credited for being responsible for what was probably the first computer virus ever, at Computer Center’s Corporation PDP-10. It is rather interesting his interest in virus, both computer ones and now medical ones, given his track record of inventing them.

Paul Allen, co-founder at Microsoft has written in his memoirs that William Gates III was a bully who sought to deprive him of his share in Microsoft fortune as he was recovering from cancer. 60 Minutes made a story also on Paul Allen, fully confirming this story and quoting him as saying that “somedays working with you is like being in hell”, and other media reported that he stated Bill Gates was a ruthless schemer.

Behind William Gates III there seems to be Bain & Company (founded in 1973 from former top managers of the Boston Consulting Group who sit on the Board of the FED, a Big 3 Elite Consulting aka the KGB of Consulting). Dick Cheney (Vice-President under the Bush administration and a thorough warmonger) and Mitt Romney (founder of Bain, almost became President of the USA and worked with Benjamin Nettanyahu, Israel’s Prime-Minister) are former Bain top executives. Bain’s most famous clients, or the companies they actually manage, are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Starbucks, Monsanto, Microsoft, Impossible Burger, Charles Schwab, Del Monte, KIPP, Halliburton, De Beers, Dell, Ford, Ryan Seacrest and a great portion of the Fortune 500 companies. By the way, a lot of these companies like Starbucks and Monsanto, are also companies where the Gates family is largely invested and who are dealing with very dangerous GMOs, causing infertility and a number of health issues, facing namely public outcry and then putting whole states in court. Their modus operandi seems to be go in, take over and quietly leave the shell intact while placing their own people in positions of power. George Bush Senior had a number of friends who were with him since the Skull & Bones, Mossad, Carlisle, and Blackrock, a CIA arm. Bain has unlimited money, as they sit on the board of the FED. All William Gates III investments are managed by Bain & Company, and all mergers & acquisitions as well. They were the ones who directed the investments and buyouts in Monsanto, Starbucks and The Impossible Burger, selling GMOs and glyphosate to the masses. The Good Club seems to be now hard at work in their vision.

In 2000, William Gates III made headlines all over the world when he donated 90% of his wealth (which has almost doubled since then) and founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, with his wife and father, as well as Warren Buffet, with around 50 Billion $ in assets. He also donated almost all his shares of Microsoft to his own foundation, profiting from a tax loophole of charitable organizations to avoid paying income tax on the humongous appreciation that the Microsoft shares had had since the company started.

Philanthrocapitalism as an image cleaning scheme is not new. The Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie have famously used it in the past to clean their oil and steel-tainted images. Carnegie was (in)famous for stating that “philanthropic gestures were crucial for allowing the wealthy to consolidate wealth and ensure manufacturing processes were not threatened by an increasingly militant working class demanding organizational change“.

If the Bill and Melinda Gates is really a good foundation, working for the common good, why would they defined their own activities as “creative capitalism” or “catalytic philanthrophy”? One would agree that it shouldn’t invest in dangerous things, right? However, this foundation has a Trust, that makes for-profit investments. Let’s have a closer look at some of the investments:

Weapons industry – Airbus, BAE Systems and United Technologies, according to the 2015 IRS forms Trust fillings.

Oil industry – An LA Times investigation found that they had invested $423 million in Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Total of France, though a French investigative journalist says his holding in Oil&Gas amount to 4 thousand million and mining industry.

Food Industry – Coca-Cola (the world’s largest plastic producer), McDonalds (GMOs and deforestation), Monsanto (GMOs), Walmart (one of the largest polluters worldwide). He has also invested in Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger and Impossible Foods

William Gates III is therefore doing plenty of suspiciously bad things. From geoengineering to GMOs, to more GMOs, to inserting digital IDs in vaccines (replacing the need for microchips to control people), to compulsory vaccination, to more compulsory vaccination, to 5G, this person does seem to have setup the world’s wealthiest foundation as a tax-evading scheme, as his Trust then invests mostly in ecocidal ventures that actually worsen tremendously the plight of those most in need and that his foundation is supposed to aid.

Another interesting piece of work is from the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, on strange particulate contaminants found in contemporary vaccines.

I highly recommend James Corbett’s extensive research on this man and especially his video 4 parts documentary on Who is Bill Gates?. James Corbett is an award-winning investigative journalist.

This man has absolutely no medical training, didn’t attend any medical school, how come he is now in charge of the health in the entire planet?

William Gates III is also investing in female fertility control, with 17.9 Million USD invested in a company that is researching implantable contraceptive single-use methods that promise to control women’s fertility via wireless.

The implementation of a cashless society.

Fact checking the Fact Checkers: Snopes is the world’s mostknowyet one of the least reliable fact-checking website. In Portugal it is Observador and Polígrafo who provide fact-checking for Facebook, yet they are also private entities with their own agendas, and hardly reliable themselves. Petitions against vaccines and ID2020 were swiftly removed from, as William Gates III funded them with 25 Million $.

William Gates III has amassed a vast empire, being considered the wealthiest man in the world by Forbes for 13 times since 2000, and has turned his attention in recent years to health, becoming since then the world’s foremost player in this arena and even, according to some people, monopolizing global health. The Lancet medical journal has even made an investigation and published a paper in 2009 on their grant-making program, calling for further investigations and highlighting conflicts of interest.

Vaccines for Covid19: 7 companies are being funded by William Gates III to develop vaccines for SARS-Cov-2. I had already written a previous article on Covid19 and The Anthropocene, making some connections to this philanthropist or supercriminal.

Operation Warp Speed: On May 15, Donald Trump announced that “Today I want to update you on the next stage of this momentous medical initiative. It’s called Operation Warp Speed. That means big and it means fast. A massive scientific, industrial, and logistical endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project. You really could say that nobody has seen anything like we’re doing, whether it’s ventilators or testing. Nobody has seen anything like we’re doing now, within our country, since the Second World War. Incredible.

It has always taken several years to make a vaccine, especially for a virus that allegedly has just emerged from bats. A little research reveals the following: Moncep Slaoui, just appointed to lead the coronavirus vaccine project, is an investor and on the Board of Moderna, which has just been approved to start a Phase 2 trial. It had already started a clinical Phase 1 trial on Mar 16, which means that by then they had already done animal testing to get all the approvals needed for a human trial. Although Dr. Fauci keeps reminding us that we still don’t know much about the SARS-CoV-2 because it didn’t exist until a few months ago, he and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) approved that trial. According to Moderna’s webpage, the first clinical batch, which was funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), was completed on Feb 7 and was shipped to NIH on Feb 24, only 42 days from sequence selection. The first participant in the NIAID-led Phase 1 study of mRNA-1273 was dosed on Mar 16. When did anybody think that we needed to start a vaccine for a virus that as of Feb 7 was barely even out of China? How long had someone been working on it, according to this timeline? And, of course, Moderna and AstraZeneca, the two leading contendors in the race for the biggest health jackpot ever are both funded by, you guessed who, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

On Jan 17, just two days after the first deaths were even reported in China, Dr. Richard Hatchett, the CEO of CEPI, apparently clairvoyant, was already thinking of ways to get out a vaccine. CEPI and the WHO were fortunate that the Chinese CDC had already discovered and shared the detailed genomic data of this new virus. Hatchett said the genome data is essential to fast-track work on a vaccine using cutting-edge technology platforms that can be adapted to fight specific diseases.

India (between 2000 and 2017 polio campaign; non-polio acute flaccid paralysis struck India, paralyzing 491,000 children, Foundation was expelled from India, PATH and HPV vaccine, 23,000 girls in 2014, 7 girls died and 1,200 had severe adverse reactions, including autoimmune and fertility disorders.

Africa (2002 MenAfriVac Subsaharan thousands of children against meningitis, between 50 to 500 were left paralyzed; In 2010 he gave 10 Billion $ to WHO saying “We must make this the decade of the vaccines”; Later in 2010 did an experimental trial for a GSK malaria vaccine which killed 151 African children including infants, 1,048 of the 5,049 children who underwent the program were left with paralysis, seizure and febrile convulsions; In 2014 WHO was accused of sterilizing millions of women without their consent with HCG found in tetanus vaccines in Kenya, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused WHO of sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign; In 2017 a study showed that the DTP vaccine that the WHO implemented was killing more people than the actual diseases they were allegedly designed to prevent; a 2017 pubmed study in Guinea-Bissau showed that vaccines increased 10x the mortality rate of girls, and this vaccine is still in use today by the WHO.

There are also further accusations from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and The Philippines

Pharmaceutical companies: Bayer, Pfizer, GSK, Merck and Prozac. Medicine like Depo-Provera lead to over 40% increase in women contracting HIV-1

Agriculture: Monsanto (Vandana Shiva says Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto), contraceptive GMO corn,

Food: Cargill is the world’s largest agri-giant and a huge investor in GMOs. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is invested in this company.

Starbucks: William Gates Sr helped Howard Schultz rescue the company from a hostile takeover. This company has the absolute worst score in terms of toxic chemicals usage, and also has an appalling track record on working conditions.

Gates Sr. Planned Parenthood (From Eugenics to Population Control)

After all, we’ve been researching the man who openly and on video praises the book: “How to lie with statistics”!

Pedophilia and the Jeffrey Epstein connection Bill Gates has been known to be associated to Jeffrey Epstein on a regular basis, and most suspiciously after he was a convicted sexual offender.

WHO: 2010 10 Billion $ to WHO launching the decade of vaccines, later claiming it was his best decision ever, turning it into 200 Billion; 50M$ the day before WHO declared a pandemic; Admitting to developing vaccines for the control of fertility in males and females. Italy, Germany, France and The Netherlands have already committed to purchasing 400 million vaccines. Also, the Fauci and Bill Gates connection is highly dubious and suspect.

This timeline alone is highly suspicious and warrants a thorough criminal investigation:

  1. In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation released a paper called “Scenarios for the future of technology and international development” and the first scenario, called “Lock Step”, describes a world of total government control and authoritarian leadership. It envisions a future where a pandemic would allow national leaders to flex their authority and impose airtight rules and restrictions that would remain after the pandemic faded. The first half of this scenario already has unfolded. Do you recognize this? It comes directly from the report: ““During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.””
  2. In 2012 in the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony there was a show featuring a coronavirus, much alike SARS.Cov-2.
  3. In 2013 Bill Gates flew on the Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein. BG made donations under his direction.
  4. In 2014 a man was arrested at BG’s estate for possessing 6,000 child porn images, depicting rape and sexual abuse. Later two employees sued Microsoft for being forced to watch gruesome footage of “indescribable sexual assaults” and “horrible brutality”.
  5. In 2015 BG predicted a coronavirus pandemic, and has made similar predictions since then, saying that he’d be the saviour.
  6. In 2018 BG staged a pandemic virus simulation of a virus that could kill up to 30 million people in 6 months and a total of 33 million people if the simulation came to fruition.
  7. In July 2018 the John Hopkins Center for Health Security (this name sounds eerily familiar) created the Clade X pandemic exercise. Despite being a “moderately lethal” virus it predictably would kill 150 million people.
  8. In October 2019 BG, the World Economic Forum and the same John Hopkins Center for Health Security staged the Event 201 in New York. From this event ensued a set of seven recommendations, among which a very clear appeal for public-private partnerships, global surveillance and monitoring, and for national public health agencies to work closely with WHO to create and diffuse global messages, and for the mass media to classify the accuracy of info and use technology to suppress fake news. Any similarity between this point and the overwhelming censorship currently taking place in mainstream media and social media is surely a mere coincidence.
  9. At the same time, from October 18 to 27, the 2019 Military World Games took place in Wuhan, hosting thousands of military personnel from 110 countries.
  10. January 2020, a Federal court unsealed three indictments against Harvard professor and Chemistry Department Head, Charles Lieber, along with two Chinese nationals. One of the people charged was due to carrying vials infected with pathogens in his trousers.
  11. November, Bill Gates, in a Netflix series, hosts an episode about an imminent pandemic:
  12. December 18th patient Zero in China.
  13. January the new Netflix series is out, called “Pandemic”:
  14. On February 28th, Bill Gates declares this coronavirus could be “once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about”.
  15. On March 2020, Bill Gates steps down from the Microsoft Board of Directors in an “effort to dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities including global health and development, education and my increasing engagement in tackling climate change”.
  16. On March 16th, The Imperial College in London by the hand of the Neil Ferguson, the head of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis issues a dire model, predicting up to 500,000 deaths in the UK alone due to SARS-Cov-2. It is quite interesting to note that from 2006 through 2018 the Gates Foundation has invested an impressive $184,872,226.99 into Ferguson’s Imperial College modeling operations.
  17. On March 18th he hosted a Q&A session on Reddit disclosing his “goal of having digital certificates for any and all people, to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it”. ID2020 vows to do implants under the skin, starting with refugees and with the homeless population of Austin, Texas.
  18. On March 30th, Johnson & Johnson lands 1B$ government deal to boost coronavirus vaccine capacity.
  19. Gates-funded Moderna incorporated is first in line to work on a coronavirus vaccine, even though it hasn’t ever produced a working vaccine, yet.
  20. On April 23rd, William Gates III published a roadmap for the innovative future he has planned for humanity, with contact tracing and compulsory DNA-changing vaccines making the whole plan very clear, and fully preparing us for future pandemics.
  21. On May 22 the most known medical journal, The Lancet, published online an observational multinational study of nearly 100,000 patients that tied the malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to a higher risk of death in hospitalized patients with the virus.
  22. However, those findings were clearly at odds with highly successful worldwide experience with treating early Covid19 patients with hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin, namely by the world’s leading expert in communicable diseases, Dr. Didier Raoult. So, on May 28, 201 scientists and MDs wrote an open letter to the authors of the article and to The Lancet’s editor (Richard Horton) with 10 concerns and 3 imperative requests.
  23. Furthermore, it was discovered that extremely high doses of hydroxycloroquine had been administered to the patients who passed away, The Lancet article cited an influential Brazilian study that found higher mortality together with more instances of QTc interval greater than 500 milliseconds in the “high-dosage” group of severely ill COVID-19 patients treated with CQ (JAMA 4/24/20, An open letter signed by about 25 Brazilian scientists, whose work has been cited more than 69,000 times, noted that lethal doses of CQ were given to “debilitated patients, many in severe conditions and with comorbidities.” They criticized methodological errors in this and other studies in prestigious journals, such as “randomizing” higher-risk patients to higher doses ( The Brigham Hospital has received significant funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Same same for the University of Washington. So, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have filed a complaint against the FDA for having millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine deteriorating in government warehouses. Here is a significant research on this.
  24. On June 4, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $1.6 Billion to GAVI, the vaccine alliance, to protect the next generation with lifesaving vaccines.

Verdict: Bill Gates seems to be a ruthless, extremely shrewd and ambitious businessman, willing to do whatever is necessary to reach his goals of total world domination. This mainstream article alone warrants a serious criminal investigation into this man’s activities, and there is now a big petition for the Whitehouse to investigate his crimes against humanity. Also, it’d probably be wise to refuse any vaccines with nanotechnology or RNA modification, and most new vaccines anyway. I recommend a series of documentaries from Ty and Charlene Bollinger on the Truth about Vaccines. You can also fact-check the alleged fact-checkers, and make an internet search on “internet of bodies” to better understand what William Gates III is up to. They are now wanting to vaccinate health care workers first and then black and coloured people, having most humans vaccinated within 18 months. I leave to you to make the calculations on the ROI of their ventures, and the global experiment on massive control of all humanity taking place. This report has tried to keep an open mind and an unbiased attitude, yet the sheer magnitude of this man’s influence on the planet is impossible to ignore. My view is that his work will continue even after he’s gone, because the tentacles are massive, and that condemning and jailing him will not stop the incredible eugenics and mass control master plan going on. Jailing him is an important step yet it is not enough, we need to take back control of democracy, of institutions and reign in on internet companies, on big multinational corporations and on supercriminals with tremendous power yet no democratic oversight.

References (apart from the copious links inline):

The Corbett Report: Meet Gates

L’art de la fausse générosité – Lionel Astruc:

Covid19 and the Anthropocene

ATTENTION: People have been telling me that this post is preceded by a security announcement. I hereby assure you that all links here included are legitimate. yet highly shocking and potentially threatening to the status quo, hence the need to block it. Please don’t fall for that, and demand for internet freedom, we have to recover the internet and regulate the companies operating it!

In this article I will try and resume my perspective and attempt to comprehensively connect the dots between Covid19, the market economy, 5G, civilization diseases, vaccines, mass manipulation, authoritarian states as well as the commercialization and weaponization of our data. This is the time and age we call the Anthropocene

These are seemingly unrelated topics, yet I’ll try and weave a narrative connecting them in a hopefully understandable, documented and comprehensive way.

It will also provide ways out, trust and hope in a radiant future for humanity and all life on Earth.

Human beings have a need for social acceptance and a deep drive to conform to social norms and conditioning. This has been studied since very long ago by two very famous experiments: the Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment and the Stanley Milgram Experiment on social conditioning, unfortunately, recent studies suggest that we are even more compliant today.

As Charles Eisenstein wrote in his latest and brilliant essay The Coronation, I too was also constantly looking for the collapse of this absurd and autophagic economic and financial system. We were always waiting for when it would come, when the system would collapse, and every single time that there was a possibility of real change and of sanitizing the system, it’d quickly turnaround and carry on. And now, unexpected and suddenly, it is here and now, and we can see myriads of possible realities being displayed in front of us. While some people can see the Himalayas at a great distance, many for the first time in their lives, others can actually see the bottom of the canals in Venice, fish and wildlife return, even though clear water doesn’t mean clean water, and pollution decreased worldwide. I who have often been in discussions and sometimes heated debate with other people, am ecstatic to see that we can actually reduce all the pollution levels. And yes, the increase in hygiene and health care may actually reduce the overall mortality rates this season. And we’ve been able to shut down the whole economy and reduce pollution tremendously, that the WHO estimates to claim 7 million lives a year worldwide from air pollution alone, saving an estimated 20 times more lives than this plandemic will ever take.

Whilst probably the majority of humankind is still vibrating in fear of unavoidable death and the illusion of separation, a growing critical mass of light-bearers is leading the way in creating mass meditations to create a Maharishi Effect, or global healing by meditating every day for 5 minutes at 11am and 11pm on the future that we wish to manifest as encouraged by ground-breaking biologist and epigeneticist Bruce Lipton.

Many great thinkers are pondering on the positive possibilities opened by this once in a lifetime event and dreaming of a brave new world of beautiful probabilities. I especially like Charles Eisenstein’s essay, The Coronation, Jeremy Lent’s Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next, Jane Goodall’s message of hope or Joanna Macy’s, The Shambala Warrior in times of Great Turning.

Many highly intelligent or critical people that I’ve met don’t seem to fully connect the dots or be willing to believe that technology could be harmful. There seems to be an unwillingness to question deep-held assumptions that the system, the companies we trust our lives, our children, our present and future with could be actually harmful to us or even more, actively deceiving and manipulating us, possibly not motivated by our wellbeing but by profit.

It is most telling that, even though we’ve had several decades of high-profile cover-up cases such as asbestos, tobacco, DDT and agent orange, to name but a few, we still trust our food and health to criminal corporations. One of them being Monsanto, the company that produced Agent Orange and now produces cancer-inducing Roundup. Monsanto knew of the danger of Agent Orange to humans when it was sprayed in the order of more than 20 millions of gallons in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and this long before it was bought out by corporate giant Bayer, an offspring of IG Farben who worked for the Nazi regime. These are the companies that we trust our food supply with?

It’s the same as the supercriminal Bill Gates is doing. From geoengineering to GMOs, to more GMOs, to inserting digital IDs in vaccines (replacing the need for microchips to control people), to compulsory vaccination, to 5G, this tax-evading, scheming billionaire is involved in everything bad under the sun! There is now a big petition for the Whitehouse to investigate his crimes against humanity, so please sign and share it! Also, please refuse any vaccines with nanotechnology, and most vaccines anyway. Please inform yourself, I recommend a series of documentaries from Ty and Charlene Bollinger starting soon on the Truth about Vaccines. You can also fact-check the alleged fact-checkers, and make an internet search on “internet of bodies” to better understand what this supercriminal is up to.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal ongoing investigations show that the deception runs very, very deep, and most likely it is still ongoing by plenty of other companies that unscrupulously exploit consumers and unknowing targets of online or ideological subversion, deception and manipulation tactics, or to merely better track and spy on us.

I thought until recently that Mr. Trump was evil on Earth, yet I should have already noticed that all the mainstream media are against him, and that should be a major takeaway that he is not actually doing such a bad job, as they seem to have a knack at only defending the utmost horrible people and initiatives on this planet. His dismantling of TTIP should’ve been an indicator of that as well, and this video from his campaign also says a whole lot.

My view on this virus is that it has been largely a plandemic. The virus exists (even though it is a lab-made virus, a hybrid between a coronavirus and an HIV strand, as Luc Montaigner, the virologist Nobel laureate for the sequencing of the HIV clearly states) and it can be nasty, yet it mostly kills people with compromised immune systems or with one to several other serious conditions. The role of the media has been tremendously powerful and absolutely horrific in promoting a fear-based agenda. This shows me that humanity clearly needs to reconnect because we have become lost, we depend exclusively on others for our security, food and sustenance. There are a few independent and reliable sources of information on this pandemic, yet the media suppression blanket has been massive, truly impressive. Anyone who doesn’t fall into the hysteria and fear-mongering agenda is swiftly yet surely discredited by several pundits. I personally recommend Facts on Covid19, by an anonymous Swiss Doctor. It is by far the most comprehensive source of independent, accurate and reliable information around. Then there is also Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Professor Jorn Ioannidis, amongst many others, there is evermore an increasing number of experts calling out the current panic and fear mantra.

Covid19 and 5G relationship

We live in the Anthropocene, where the human influence and activities on ecosystems has a tremendous impact. This had led to a steep increase in chronic diseases (so-called civilization diseases), many lives claimed, severe loss of quality of life, huge costs to healthcare systems. Whilst I deeply admire and respect Jane Goodall and her view that this pandemic was brought about by our disrespect for nature and mistreatment of animals, I suspect that this is really a hybrid lab-made virus. Also, the Fauci and Bill Gates connection is highly dubious and suspect, and Bill Gates seems really to be a supercriminal who must be brought down and taken to justice. This timeline alone is highly suspicious and warrants criminal investigation:

– October 18th, Event 201 happens at the John Hopkins University (yes, that one):

– November, Bill Gates, in a Netflix series, hosts an episode about an imminent pandemic:

– December 18th patient Zero in China

– January the new Netflix series is out, called “Pandemic”:

– March 13th Bill Gates leaves Microsoft for good “to dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities including global health and development (…)”:

The Nobel laureate for Medicine and Biophysics attributed to Luc Montaigner for mapping the HIV genome, recently came out on French National TV stating that the virus is clearly manmade, a hybrid between a coronavirus and a strand of HIV, that it had to be made in a lab, that Wuhan had a lab with those abilities and had been known for testing with coronaviruses and looking for HIV vaccines, and towards the end (and even though the flustered journalists tried to silence and even discredit him) he also advised that certain electromagnetic waves and frequencies can change DNA and RNA sequences and may have contributed to the pathogenic potential of Covid19.

Emeritus Professor Doctor Martin Pall, professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science at the Washington State University, USA, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the influence of EMFs and EMF on human tissues and on all life. He has published a number of ground-breaking papers, notably on the role of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), rated one of the top and most cited medical papers by Global Medical Discovery in 2013. In a recent paper on this pandemic, he stated: “The question that is being raised here is not whether 5G is responsible for the virus, but rather whether 5G radiation, acting via VGCC activation may be exacerbating the viral replication or the spread or lethality of the disease”. After presenting many scientific papers that show a causality link between serious complications and EMF exposure, he concludes: “These all argue that 5G radiation is likely to greatly exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus and to greatly increase the lethality of the infections produced by it. The good news is that it is likely that those of us that live in areas with no 5G radiation and who avoid other EMFs wherever possible will probably escape much of the impacts of this prospective global pandemic. It is highly probable that one of the best things Wuhan can do to control the epidemic in the city is to turn off the 4G/5G system.”

The evidence that humankind is playing with fire by exposing the whole ecosphere to electric and electromagnetic frequencies and radiation is overwhelming. Here are some links, yet there is plenty more independent research, not paid by the Telecom industry, that you can research for yourself:

1. (“Bioeffects are clearly established to occur with very low exposure levels (non-thermal levels) to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation exposures.”), the largest, widest and longest biological study ever conducted on EMFs.
2. (portal of the University of Aachen, with thousands of peer-reviewed studies)
3. The Freiburger Appeal, signed by over 1000 MDs is very clear: and their recommendations even clearer, yet the evolution of the situation has been the absolute contrary
4. The 5G appeal, by 364 MDs specialized in the field:

There has been a total blackout by the mainstream media and, to my knowledge, only this story has been broadcast thus far.

It is important to say that although there has been a spike in some death rates the data is very inaccurate. There is no gold standard collection method internationally. Some of the shock factor is predicated on the fact that we never discuss death rates of any disease in the world so when we see these numbers for the first time in an unrelated manner totally out of context, we are shocked.

Whilst the whole world is on shutdown until this day (22/04/2020) the deaths officially attributed to Covid19 are 182,740 worldwide and since the beginning of the plandemic. However, normal overall mortality in the US ( is about 8,000 people per day (, in Germany about 2,600 people and in Italy about 1,800 people per day. Influenza mortality in the US is up to 80,000 (, in Germany and Italy up to 25,000, and in Switzerland up to 1,500 people per winter. Some sobering numbers in proportion for this historic mistake in the UK.

What to do next?

First and last of all, TURN OFF YOUR TV, cancel your Netflix, Disney+ and all other mainstream media subscriptions!!! Subscribe to independent and alternative, credible news sources.

The mass propaganda and subliminal programming of the mainstream media are huge and must be taken down!

Then there is the need to face reality, to unmask the manufactured consent, elite pedophile rings in Hollywood and Disney, the crooked media as well as the corruption of most of our institutions. We, the people, have the power, not any politician, CEO, or corrupt individual, and where there is light there can be no darkness. As a quote attributed to Margaret Mead brilliantly goes: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. It is very scary that Google has shadow-blocked the Out of Shadows documentary from YouTube, that it is no longer available on searches. That had to be done manually.

Don’t be a Nazi or totalitarian, don’t blindly obey orders of orders and don’t say that you didn’t have a choice, because you always do! We are born free and with the miracle of free will. Please don’t give that up. Cooperation has been one of the key drivers in our evolution, yet please don’t let this cloud your own will and ability to think for yourself.

Some say that there are two forces driving the Universe: love and fear, yet some claim that there is only love, that fear is the absence of love or the most basic level of love. Whatever it is, where there is love there cannot be fear, so choose your vibration wisely, choose love

There are a series of immediate, short-term, and medium-long term measures that I believe to be crucial in transforming our society into a healthier, more vibrant one. I certainly do not defend superstates or any return to previous systems, rather an open-source system, iterative and ever-evolving. I’ll split the proposed measures into several types of action, namely:


* Create an Internet Bill of Rights, for the defense of the rights of all internet users, and with clear limits, guidelines, and orientations for internet service and content providers

* Criminalise the crime of Ecocide (extensive damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and as penal law instead of as civil law and addition of Ecocide to the Rome Statute of the ICC

* Approve a World Water Law, upholding the inalienable right of all living beings to pure water (

* Dissolve National and Republic Assemblies worldwide and set up local citizen assemblies

* Create constituent assemblies with the goal of drafting and approving new constitutions, with widespread public participation

* Create Salvation Governments, with monthly accountability reports

* Uphold and maintain total transparency in all public services, communications, and dealings with the public

* Disclose the Tesla papers unlawfully taken from Nikolai Tesla upon his death, and disclose free energy plans, as well as contact with alien civilizations, well documented in Roswell and also in the Rapport COMETA delivered to Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin in 1999


* Nationalise all central banks, as well as all other banks. Dissolve the World Bank, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the IMF, all Rating Agencies and immediately give back the gold reserves that all member states have given to the Central Banks when they were first constituted

* Extinguish all fiscal paradises and tax havens, and impose a mandatory obligation for all people and companies operating in a country to pay ALL taxes in that country

* Incentivise and promote short circuit market routes and tax non-essential international trade, all luxury goods and non-essential goods

* Implement a universal basic income yes, yet with no conditions or strings attached, no social conditioning or policing, no social credits system


* Fully implement the circular economy, with severe fines and penalties for waste, refuse and any toxic materials

* Guarantee pure water, food and shelter to all human beings

* Implement national reserves and rewilding plans for at least 50% of all public land


* Make strict laws forbidding all private ownership or even private funding of public institutions or institutions concerned with the public good, such as yet not exclusively: World Bank, IFC, UNESCO, WFP, WHO, UN, ICJ, ICC, etc, etc

* Create open-source pharmaceutical and energy companies worldwide

* Break up monopolies and promote transparency

* Promote employee ownership of all large Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

* Nationalise all the basic needs industry, agriculture and services


* Nationalise or open-source all major media outlets and establish severe penalties and fines for media that are proved to be spreading fake news, sensationalistic news and profiting of human disgrace, going up to injunction and shutting down media that are proven to spread unfounded fear or panic or promote private company’s or individual states’ interest

* Create and leverage short circuits of production to consumption, bypassing global trade and incentives, synergizing networks of trust and empowering local communities

* Terminate all property and intellectual rights over works of art, medicine and common goods, as they are the inalienable property of all sentient beings

* Move towards regenerative and organic agriculture, agroforestry, biodynamic, syntropic and permaculture-based

* Citizens fully own their data and have all right to ask for it from any company who processes it. Companies cannot use a person’s data without our express consent

Finally, I leave you with the links to some and people who and that have inspired and still inspire me to this day and that I credit the ideas and proposals I present here to:

Earth Rights Walker, by Dee Kyne:

Codes for a Healthy Earth:

Global Water Law:

Roots & Shoots, by Jane Goodall:

Jane Goodall:

Plum Village, by Thich Nhat Hanh:

Austin Steinbart:

Gross National Happiness Index Bhutan:

New Economics Foundation:

Biodynamic Association:

Embercombe by Mac Macartney:

Ernst Gotsch:

Agroforestry Research Trust by Martin Crawford:

Schumacher College:

Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka:

Drunvalo Melchizedek:

The Proteus Initiative by Allan Kaplan:

The Nature Institute:

PEERS and Want to Know, by Fred Burkes: and

Bruce Lipton:

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Q Anon:

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The Club of Budapest:

The Gaia House:

Buckminster Fuller Institute:

Deepak Chopra:

Transition Network:

Resurgence & Ecologist:

Permaculture Research Institute:

Biomimicry Institute by Janine Benyus:

Climate and Capitalism:

4Th International Ecosocialist Encounters:

5G and the collapse of life on Earth

Please assist in stopping the 5G implementation in any way shape or form that you may, this may prove the most important action any of us can take to prevent humanity’s collapse.

As I write this, the world — or a very large part of it — is effectively under martial law. To protect against a proposed enemy named coronavirus (COVID-19), schools have been closed, airline flights scrapped, theaters and restaurants shut down, churches shuttered, curfews put in place, public gatherings prohibited, national borders closed, people told not to touch or go near each other, every surface, door knob and human hand smothered with toxic disinfectant, and the population ordered to “shelter in place” in their homes.

And the people, from the USA to Norway to Bolivia to Australia to Egypt to Indonesia, have obeyed, not only without much protest, but with enthusiasm.

My inbox and voicemail are flooded with contradictory “information,” little of which is verifiable, less of which makes any sense, that is tailored to favorite points of scientific and political view. No one is looking at the big picture. No one is noticing that the mortality rates from all causes are going down, not up in most countries.
This is not the first time a scare about a viral pandemic has swept the world. We have previously heard predictions — none of which came true — that swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, West Nile virus, Zika virus and Ebola were going to kill millions of people. Notably, all of these scares have occurred after the Internet replaced human contact as the predominant means of communication, and words and pictures on a screen replaced reality. Today, this has gone so far that people are finally willing to shut down the world rather than notice what is going on around them.

I do not pretend that there is no basis at all for these predictions. Behind all the hysteria is a fear that the catastrophe that was the “Spanish Influenza” of 1918-1921 will repeat itself. The 1918 flu, after all, sickened one-third of the world’s population and killed an estimated fifty million people.  But there are a number of important facts about the 1918 flu that are not widely known: 

  • The 1918 flu was not caused by a virus.
  • The 1918 flu was not contagious and did not spread by direct human-to-human contact.
  • The 1918 flu began on U.S. military bases where soldiers were being trained in wireless telegraphy. It spread throughout the world on ten thousand U.S. Navy ships equipped with state-of-the-art wireless stations. It became much more deadly in September 1918 when the first round-the-clock voice radio station powerful enough to be received in most parts of the world went on the air in New Brunswick, New Jersey in service of the U.S. war effort, thereby launching the modern era of radio communication.

Efforts by doctors working for the U.S. Public Health Service to prove the contagious nature of the 1918 flu were heroic and resulted in resounding and repeated failure. In November and December 1918 and in February and March 1919, they attempted to infect one hundred healthy volunteers with influenza in the following ways: 

  • They put secretions from the mouth, nose, throat and bronchi from hospitalized influenza patients into the nose, throat and eyes of volunteers;
  • They injected blood from sick patients into volunteers; 
  • They filtered mucous material from sick patients and injected it under the skin of volunteers;
  • They had volunteers shake hands with sick patients, talk to them, faces close together, for five minutes, then had the patient breathe out as hard as he could while the volunteer, two inches away, was breathing in, then had the patient cough directly into the face of the volunteer, five times.

None of the volunteers in any of these experiments got sick in any way.

Similar attempts to infect healthy horses with secretions from horses sick with influenza resulted in the same resounding failure.

These experiments, and other facts about the 1918 flu, as well as about influenza in general, are thoroughly discussed and documented in chapters 7, 8 and 9 of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017, Chelsea Green 2020).

Historically, influenza was an unpredictable disease that struck without warning and without a schedule and disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it had arrived, not to be seen again for years or decades. It did not exist on this earth as an annual disease prior to the worldwide deployment of AC electricity for lights and power that occurred in 1889. Many of the doctors who were flooded with influenza in 1889 had never seen a case before. But influenza has not been absent anywhere on earth since.

What is most difficult for people to let go of is the notion, so deeply engrained in our society, that a disease is the same as a bacteria or a virus. This way of looking at the world, as a battlefied instead of a community, is wrong. Yes, there is a respiratory virus associated with influenza. No, the virus does not cause the disease. Influenza is a neurological disease that can affect almost every organ, with or without respiratory symptoms. It is caused by electricity.

Especially now, the world needs to know these things. Once it is understood that the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus and was not spread by contagion, but was instead caused by the sudden spread of radio communication throughout the world, the hysteria should die down and the world can get back to normal, and go about the necessary business of getting rid of wireless technology. Radio waves have sickened and killed more of humanity in the past century than all of the bacteria and viruses combined. Also heart disease, diabetes and cancer (chapters 11, 12 and 13 of The Invisible Rainbow) are caused primarily by the sea of radiation with which our cell phones, cell towers, radio towers, radar stations, security systems, baby monitors, wireless computers, and other wireless devices and infrastructure have flooded our precious and fragile world. The Coronavirus and 5G
I have been asked if I think the coronavirus disease is caused by 5G, and my answer is: not directly. But the parallels to 1918 are striking. Remember, the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus but by the proliferation of radio technology, to such an extent as to modify the electromagnetic environment of the Earth itself. The first, mild wave of the flu in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 was caused by the proliferation of thousands of wireless telegraphy stations, each having a limited geographic range and operating for a limited number of hours per day. The second wave, which lasted three full years, sickening one-third of humanity and killing ten percent of those it sickened, was caused by an escalation of radio from telegraphy to voice, part time to full time, and short-range to planet-wide.

That is parallel to what is happening today. 5G is escalating the radio assault on our planet to a new level, using much higher frequencies, much greater bandwidth, and much greater power levels. The first wave of the coronavirus has accompanied an enormous proliferation of 5G stations on the ground, each having a limited geographic range. This is shortly to be escalated from short-range to planet-wide, and from an indirect to a direct assault on the ionosphere, when thousands of 5G satellites go into operation this year and next.

A clue to the electromagnetic nature of the present pandemic comes from an interesting observation: as many as two-thirds of the people who test positive for the coronavirus have lost their sense of smell, and often that is their only symptom and they are otherwide not sick. (“Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection,” ENT UK). Loss of sense of smell is a classic sign of the disease that was called radio wave sickness in the former Soviet Union, and that is called electrical sensitivity today; often it is the only symptom of exposure to radio waves in otherwise healthy individuals. (“Investigation of the Olfactory Sensitivity in Persons Subjected to the Influence of UHF,” Ye. A. Lobanova and Z. V. Gordon, in The Biological Action of Ultrahigh Frequencies, A. A. Letavet and Z. V. Gordon, eds., Moscow 1960, JPRS 12471, pp. 50-56).

Another clue is the frequently reported effects of the coronavirus disease on the cardiovascular system, including “arrhythmias, hypotension, tachycardia, and a high proportion of concomitant cardiovascular disease in infected individuals.” This was reported on March 6, 2020 in Cardiology Magazine. These are also classic effects of exposure to radio waves.

A third clue is the astonishing variation in the severity of the current pandemic, regardless of the measures taken by governments to prevent person-to-person contact. Why, for exmaple, does Italy have 74,000 cases of coronavirus disease, and Japan only 1200? Eighty percent of the cases identified in Japan have not passed on the infection to anyone else. Tokyo, among the world’s most densely packed metropolitan areas with a population of 38 million, has almost no disease. This despite a nationwide quarantine and a shutdown of society in Italy, and few measures taken against the disease in Japan. There is no quarantine in Japan and bars, restaurants and clubs are busy and bustling. Temples are packed, and parks are filled with people viewing cherry blossoms. The subways are packed, and people are going to work, yet the disease does not spread. Japan has close contact with China, and did not even stop incoming flights from Hubei until February 1. Japan has an older population than Italy, and a higher rate of tobacco smoking.

The electrical nature of the disease would explain this too. Almost all of Japan is volcanic, and the electrical conductivity of the earth underneath Japan is higher than underneath most of Italy. Residents of Japan are therefore better grounded than residents of most of Italy, and are less affected by the radio waves around them. The volcanic regions of Italy — Sicily and Campania — have much lower rates of coronavirus than the rest of Italy. Patricia Ormsby, who lives in Japan, told me years ago that when she is in the United States she can feel a cell phone from a distance of 6 meters, but when she is in Japan she does not feel a cell phone until it comes within 3 meters of her. I live in Santa Fe for the same reason: I do not feel all the cell towers here because the conductivity of the earth underneath Santa Fe is so high.


Here are some of the reports that I received in response to my last newsletter, “The Flames of Progress”, in which I documented the worldwide starvation of insects caused by microwave radiation, and the consequent starvation of birds, bats and frogs for lack of insects to eat:

Allan Hardman writes from Mexico:

“I am, like you, astounded by the silence. I also remember driving down the Central Valley of California from college to my parents’ house in the ‘60’s and stopping often to scrape and clean my windshield. That problem has now been solved — kill the bugs! And the birds who ate them.”

Andrea Mercer writes from Colorado:

“I moved to Minnesota in 2006 in the summer. I would see bats flying through the streets and swarms of insects of many species in densities I had never experienced living in Oregon. Year after year they would disappear. Minnesota was saying it was white nose syndrome blaming that on the disappearance of bats. But it was more to me. The bats didn’t have food… I found deformed dragonflies that couldn’t fly in Minnesota.”

Rangaswami Ramakrishnan writes from India:

“In India we had sparrows which we used to call Indian Sparrows, with brown wings, and we used to see lots of them making nice noises and the whole variety is now missing in cities. There are still a few left in the villages… All due to 4G.”

Eva Goedhart writes from Los Angeles:

“It kills me watching the bees die everywhere I go. There are so many of them on tennis courts and in one spot in our backyard. I can’t figure out why I always see dead bees in the same spot. It makes total sense that they’re starving! We pick the bees up, bring them inside, put few drops of water and honey next to them and they eat! Sometimes they’re able to fly away!

“I’m 50 years old and I grew up in Poland and remember a totally different world. Frogs, toads, hedgehogs, tons of insects. Now I live in Los Angeles and it’s a true horror watching the towers popping up everywhere. Everything is slowly dying.”

Karen Eichstadt writes from South Africa:

“I remember those days where the wind screens would be smeared with insects. That almost never happens anymore. We are like the frogs in the pot of water and don’t even notice the temperature rising.”

Sam Samson writes from Scotland:

“I’m 71 and remember the myriad of insect and bird life. Yesterday I found a bat unable to get to roost, I tried to place it in a dry safe place, very unusual in winter.”

Warren Friedman writes from South Africa:

“I’ve been blaming EMF’s for the decline in insects for over twenty years. I miss the birds and bats.”

Jeanne Aymé-Martin writes from France:

“I do understand why you are so bewildered because I am too. We are very much concerned about the survival of a so low number of bees, insects, and bats in our garden and in nature in general.”

Francisco Gabiola Guerra writes from Belgium:

“When I go on holidays to the town in Spain where I was born, in the past in summer you heard all the time crickets in the fields, there were butterflies in the fields, you heard birds all the time, when you went to the fields there were honey bees everywhere. Today none of that is present.”

Antonia Holthuizen writes from the Netherlands:

“I live next to the woods. In May 2016, when I came to live here, there were always so many frogs on my driveway. I could hardly avoid them with my bike, there were that many. But in the last two years, I may be glad to see one, maybe two. One dragged itself to my doorstep. I talked to him, but didn’t know how to help him. Next time I will pick him up and bring him to the woods where I, myself, can’t feel the radiation anymore, and see if this might help him.

“Last year I also saw bumblebees stumbling across my lawn. I let one crawl over my hand, what a beautiful creature, wonderful. But I couldn’t help them. They died. It became a bumblebee cemetery. Later I realised that they would die exactly there where I myself also suffered from the two masts, hidden in the church tower in the village.”

Connie Drummond writes from the UK:

“Insects have gone, small birds are not in the trees and we are left with a few kestrels and kites who, too, are starving and just circling the skies desperate for grub like vultures.”

Patricia Ormsby writes from Japan:

“5G got switched on in late February. Five days ago I noticed that the black kites (Milvus migrans) that used to roost around our vegetable field, that left our field when smart meters were installed but moved on to fields further away with no smart meters, have now fled those fields entirely. Totally empty sky, but lots and lots of ground birds in those fields. What kites still remain have moved to the forests. Each time I have gone out I have seen one or two kites attempt to fly out over the fields and then give up.”

Angela Foulds writes from Australia:

“In Melbourne millimetre wave trials across 25% of the city just began. This morning, on my walk with a neighbour we were mortified to see dead bees and insects on the ground throughout our hour long walk, all the way to a nature park and all along the streets back home.”MORE SATELLITES LAUNCHED
On Wednesday, March 18, SpaceX launched 60 more satellites into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites orbiting the earth to 350.

Also on March 18, OneWeb launched 34 more satellites into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, bringing the total of OneWeb’s satellites orbiting the earth to 74.

None of these satellites have yet gone into operation, but on March 13, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission granted SpaceX permission to sell one million user devices to American customers. This has turned a long-standing concern into an emergency. For last fall, SpaceX announced its intention to begin providing 5G service to the northern United States and southern Canada after it had at least 400 satellites orbiting the earth. The threat to terrestrial life — at least in portions of North America — may now be only weeks away.

I have summarized the threat to life posed by SpaceX in previous newsletters but it bears repeating. The energy for life is provided not only by the food we eat and the air we breathe, but by the electricity that we imbibe from earth and sky, which circulates through our acupuncture meridians, feeding our organs from the day we are born until the day we die.

The source of the electricity that sustains us and circulates through our bodies is the earth’s own source of high voltage: the ionosphere. If we pollute that source with millions of pulsed, modulated frequencies, we will destroy all life on the surface of the Earth, including the birds in the sky and the fish in the oceans. And since they will all be orbiting in the ionosphere, that is exactly what all these satellites will do.

Astronomers study the circulation of energy between the sun and the ionosphere. Atmospheric physicists study the global electrical circuit between the ionosphere and the earth. Doctors of Oriental Medicine study the circulation of energy within our bodies. Geophysicists are studying the effects of power line radiation on the ionosphere. But nobody is looking at the whole picture. Nobody is asking what the massive pollution of this source of energy will do to the community of life that it nourishes. Experience with Iridium (now operating 66 satellites) and Globalstar (now operating 48 satellites) tells us that the extinction of life will not be gradual. If thousands of satellites are turned on at once, it will be sudden and devastating. If service begins with only hundreds of satellites to a limited part of the world, and increases to global coverage from thousands of satellites next year, it may be a little less sudden but the end result — the extinction of most life — will be the same.”

By Arthur Firstenberg

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RETIRO DE YOGA – 31 de maio a 2 de junho 2019

Yoga é união corpo, mente e espírito. É um caminho de autoconhecimento. É consciência, transformação da consciência humana em consciência divina.

Um retiro de yoga é o teu momento, para aprofundares a tua aprendizagem e busca. É um refrescar e energizar, um cuidar de ti e do outro. É um reforço à união que nós somos.

Permite-te ir mais além, ir ao teu encontro.

Circus – Create Change: Times of Awakening

From an outstanding Student then top Manager at Fujitsu Portugal to an Activist for the regeneration of our Planet.

“No novo milénio assistimos a um ressurgimento de ideias, conceitos, filosofias e técnicas ancestrais, ao mesmo tempo que vivemos uma divisão cada vez mais pronunciada entre um paradigma Cartesiano, Newtoniano da ciência e a física Quântica, em linhas de realidade divergentes. Os desafios ambientais, tecnológicos, as alterações climáticas, os limites ao crescimento infinito num sistema finito, […] todos são desafios tremendos que podem levar à extinção da humanidade e de boa parte da Vida na Terra, e somente através de uma verdadeira cidadania ativa e de uma reformulação de quase todos os sistemas humanos (sociais, industriais, legais, políticos, económico-financeiros, monetários, agrícolas, etc, etc) é que os poderemos ultrapassar de forma saudável.

Faremos melhor em mudar de um paradigma de que a Natureza existe para nos servir para estarmos ao serviço do Outro, da Vida na Terra e da Natureza da qual fazemos parte intrínseca. As possibilidades são infinitas e ainda agora começamos a perceber a sua real dimensão.”

Times of Awakening by Manuel Trindade

12th of April

Join the reflections at FEUC – Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra



Retiro de Yoga no Zen Vouga

RETIRO DE YOGA – 31 de maio a 2 de junho 2019

Yoga é união corpo, mente e espírito. É um caminho de autoconhecimento. É consciência, transformação da consciência humana em consciência divina.

Um retiro de yoga é o teu momento, para aprofundares a tua aprendizagem e busca. É um refrescar e energizar, um cuidar de ti e do outro. É um reforço à união que nós somos.

Permite-te ir mais além, ir ao teu encontro.

Zen Vouga @ Fairbnb

I’m delighted and very grateful to have been showcased in The Huffington Post for being one of the founding members of Fairbnb, the new social enterprise for the accommodation sector that gives half of its profit to local projects chosen by the community:

Bayer, Monsanto e Glifosato

Alguns estudos sobre os efeitos do glifosato na saúde: (ver em especial o primeiro parágrafo de
“DISCUSSION” – aumento da resistência de bactérias aos antibióticos, mas não apenas pelo glifosato) (para ver o artigo completo é necessária assinatura)
– Notícias relevantes:…
*–finance.html?guccounter=1 (Programa Tota a verdade, da SIC)

* Aqui está uma publicação que detalha bastante bem a questão:
* Aqui se pode ver que até o bastonário da ordem dos médicos Portuguesa se manifestou contra a utilização do glifosato:
* O Mundo segundo a Monsanto (documentário que destroça a empresa e o glifosato, mas que a empresa não conseguiu processar a autora, apesar de ter contratado um grande gabinete de advogados durante um ano):
* Muitos relatórios de uma rede Europeia para banir ou limitar fortemente o uso de pesticidas:
* Controlando a cadeia de alimentação:
* Exposição a glifosato ligada à doença de Parkinson:
* Busca em por glyphosate:
* Domínio na cadeia alimentar pelos gigantes da agro-indústria:
* Lista de referências dos efeitos na saúde do glifosato:
* Busca no site da Responsaible Technology sobre glifosato:
* Glifosato considerado como um agente conhecido que causa cancro no Estado da Califórnia:
* “Glyphosate” e “cancer” traz 19.700 publicações no Google scholar, e assumo desde já que nem sequer a maioria serão pagos pela indústria para dizer que não são cancerígenos, como os textos que foram usados para aprovar o Glifosato nos EUA e na Europa, que depois se veio a saber que foram copy-paste directo dos textos da Monsanto. how convenient…

A vida é um Milagre !!!

Hoje estou muito feliz! Para além de festejar 14 anos de nova vida, está a ser uma chuva de boas notícias, um chuveirinho bão 😉
* O furo de petróleo previsto para 15 de Setembro em Aljezur foi suspenso ( Não foi cancelado, mas foi suspenso pelo tribunal, o que já é um passo bastante positivo. É triste que todos os nossos políticos deixassem a coisa passar e Portugal ser um fóssil total, mas ao menos a justiça ainda funciona, pelo menos de vez em quando e neste caso. Agora é continuar, até ao fim de toda e qualquer atividade de prospeção e exploração de petróleo, seguido da paragem e desmantelamento de todas as grandes barragens e hidroelétricas.

* A Monsanto foi condenada a pagar 289 Milhões de USD a Dewayne Johnson (, um jardineiro que ficou com cancro devido a ter sido pulverizado acidentalmente com Roundup, o herbicida mais vendido no mundo inteiro. Viva o princípio do fim dos agrotóxicos e da guerra à Natureza!

* Recebi hoje o meu Fairphone 2 de volta! Depois de vários problemas, avarias e módulos que não funcionavam, estou muito feliz porque me arranjaram o telefone sem pagar um cêntimo, e isto apesar da garantia supostamente já ter terminado. Devem ter ficado sensibilizados pelos meus repetidos emails e diatribes com este telefone.
Volto hoje portanto a ser um feliz e orgulhoso utilizador de um Fairphone (, um passo significativo para uma indústria mais equitável e respeitadora de pessoas e planeta.
É fantástico, depois de quase ir desta para muito melhor numa 6ª feira 13 de Agosto em 2004 em Luanda, Angola, quando trabalhava para a Total E&P Angola, de ter voltado a trabalhar em petróleos numa 2ª feira dia 13 de Agosto 2007 em Londres, de ter voltado a  Luanda de 11 a 15 de Agosto de 2014 e ao sítio de onde caí na quarta-feira dia 13 de Agosto de 2014, onde fui para supervisionar a parte social de um Estudo de Impacto Ambiental e Social para um projecto do Banco Mundial, para dar água potável a  milhões de pessoas em Luanda, tenho hoje segunda-feira dia 13 de Agosto de 2018 o prazer de estar a dar estas excelentes notícias a partir de Ribeiradio, onde estou a lançar o Zen Vouga, projeto com o património da família, a recuperar a tradição na inovação, a fazer a diferença pela positiva. Parece que ainda há muito trabalhinho a fazer por aqui, com muita felicidade e sentido de humor, sinto que há muita coisa boa para acontecer ❤

Paz, alegria, felicidade, equanimidade e evolução!

Que ciência queremos?

Refuto muita da “ciência” que é feita em Portugal sobre incêndios e a floresta.

O método científico mais corrente e comum das ciências naturais (tão acríticamente defendido por alguns cientistas) deve ser revisto e ampliado, e há cada vez mais cientistas a afirmá-lo. Presta ao uso da ciência para fins menos éticos, parte de uma hipótese, tenta prová-la e tem uma tendência enorme a colocar de lado tudo o que não é conforme à tese inicial. Está a ser açambarcada por interesses económicos e deixou de servir a Humanidade e a Vida na Terra. Não conseguimos viver sem a Natureza, nem estamos à parte dela, fazemos parte intrínseca dela. Não estou a defender a Natureza, sou sim a própria Natureza a defender-se.

Também declaro o evidente: não sou anti-ciência, muito antes pelo contrário.
Considero sim que bastante da ciência que hoje em dia se faz está cada vez mais desligada dos interesses da Humanidade, de tudo e de todos. Antes achava que tudo o que não tinha explicação científica não existia, não era real. Hoje considero o mesmo, parece-me evidente é que há muitas coisas que existem, são reais mas que a nossa ciência ainda não chegou lá, ainda não as estuda e integra no conhecimento académico da Humanidade e que devemos melhorar significativamente as nossas formas de fazer ciência para podermos entender, prever e conviver com o que existe mas não é passível de explicação por nenhum dos métodos científicos atuais (indutivo, dedutivo, hipotético-dedutivo, dialético, fenomenológico, etc).

A nossa sociedade baseada no ego não nos permite ver para além da ilusão de uma ciência e economia limitadas. O método científico atual das ciências biológicas é baseado em assunções, premissas, teses ou tentanto provar uma tese através de repetibilidade de um fenómeno nas mesmas circunstâncias (como se o mundo não estivesse em permanente mutação e evolução. Como Buddha declarou, a impermanência de todas as coisas é a primeira verdade nobre, universal, e vivemos num planeta que se mover no sistema solar, que viaja a grande velocidade através da galáxia, que está em incrível expansão, a velocidade da luz não é uma constante, e por aí adiante, o rol de simplificações e reduções para efeitos de avanço e cálculo científico é muito extenso), descartando tudo o que que não for conforme à sua tese ou ideia inicial. Muitas das maiores descobertas e avanços científicos da Humanidade foram feitos “por acaso” (da penicilina à gravidade, passando pelo microondas, o Raio-X, o Velcro ou o Pacemaker, a lista é enorme. Até há quem defenda que de 30 a 50% de TODAS as descobertas científicas têm o acaso ou a sorte envolvidos:…/Role_of_chance_in_scientific_dis…). Isto deveria e pode dar-nos uma pista de que algo está errado ou, certamente e pelo menos, gravemente incompleto, com os nossos modelos e mundividência científica.

A dominação de muitos aspectos da Vida na Terra pelo “mercado” e por Corporações Multinacionais (MNCs) que pagam, directa ou indirectamente a maior parte da investigação científica produzida no planeta Terra, tornou-se num verdadeiro oligopólio criminoso, em que as cinco mega-editoras que já publicam mais de metade de todas as publicações científicas façam com que os cientistas realizem o peer-review de borla e os Estados paguem a investigação, vendendo depois tudo de volta à precedência (…) e faz com que os jornais académicos e científicos sejam a cada dia menos úteis para a Humanidade (…/profitable-business-scientifi…).

Até já foi demonstrado cabalmente terem um claro pendente pro-lóbi dos OGM (…/open-letter-pro-gm-bias-academic-jo…).

Em Portugal não há estudos sobre isto, mas a avaliar pelas posições académicas em vários fóruns online, até aposto que um estudo destes sobre a floresta nacional iria dar o mesmo resultado para o eucalipto e o pinheiro-bravo. Quando em dúvida, muitas vezes ainda basta seguir a trilha do dinheiro…

É claro que nem todos os cientistas são vendidos, nem sequer a maioria. É evidente que muitos dos que o aparentam ser nem sequer têm consciência de o ser, a auto-censura é algo de muito comum: “não se morde a mão que alimenta, os cães raivosos são abatidos” e o que aconteceu com o Arpad Pusztai, o Pusztai Affair ( e, entre muitos outros links possíveis) fez correr muita tinta pelo mundo inteiro e os académicos sabem disso e fazem muita auto-censura, na maior parte das ocasiões acredito que inconscientemente.

O método científico actual cria um desastre na maior parte dos indivíduos e desde muito novos, gerando frustação e desconexão, desinteresse geral e promovendo o sexismo na ciência:…/the-scientific-method-an_b…

Aqui está uma tentativa de definir dez dos mitos atuais da ciência e o que fazer com eles, uma “reforma fundamental na maneira como educamos os nossos alunos”:

O Rupert Sheldrake defende que a ciência se tornou baseada em dogmas de materialismo fiolsófico, que a mente não está confinada ao cérebro, o conceito de ressonância mórfica e que existe um “sacerdotismo académico” com uma “mentalidade autoritária”, que impede o reconhecimento das medicinas alternativas e fenómenos parapsíquicos (

E aqui está uma análise muito extensiva e revista por pares de porque é que o próprio método de revisão por pares (o coração de toda a ciência contemporânea) é falho, escrito por um actor maior do sistema, o antigo CEO do British Medical Journal Group (BMJ) durante 13 anos. Nele, entre outras coisas fascinantes, Richard Smith revela que a maior parte das revisões por pares são “parece-me bem”, ao invés de escrutinar o paper, verificar todas as referências, refazer análises e fazer sugestões detalhadas de melhoria, sendo estas revisões por pares raríssíssimas:…/abs/10.1177/014107680609900414

Este é um artigo fundamental sobre a piada que se tornou a investigação académica, contado por vários dos maiores editores (inclui uma piada do Robbie Fox, o lendário editor do The Lancet, que se questionava se trocasse as pilhas e publicasse os papers da pilha rejeitado, se alguém repararia).

Entretanto, e porque a políica é de todos, ao contrário da ciência, em que uns querem fazer crer que detêm o monopólio do saber e da razão, o meu apelo é que voltemos ao que interessa, a defendermos uma paisagem biodiversa e integradora, bem como o nosso presente e o bem estar das gerações futuras. Façamos como aqueles selvagens que domesticámos e extinguimos, os Hopi, que quando tomavam uma decisão reuniam-se à volta do fogo sagrado e viam se essa decisão iria ser benéfica em todas as gerações até à 7ª geração. Se não fosse, não a tomavam 

Será que evoluímos mesmo? É este o melhor mundo que sabemos ser possível?

PS: Não acreditem no que digo, não se fiquem pelas minhas palavras, investiguem antes as ligações que aqui coloco, pois elas são irrefutáveis e muito esclarecedoras.

As Leis da Humanidade e as Leis do Universo

Ultimamente tenho andado a pensar bastante sobre isto, e aqui vai a minha visão sobre as diferenças entre as leis dos Homens e as leis do Universo (de Tudo Aquilo que É e não É, de Tudo Aquilo que poderia Ser e Poderia Não Ser e também do Infinito, do Supremo):

As leis da Humanidade As leis do Universo

Têm de ser redigidas, aprovadas e promulgadas São automáticas

São revogáveis São perpétuas

Não são cumpridas São universais

Dizem respeito a assuntos e temas específicos Aplicam-se a tudo e todos

Podem ser justas ou injustas São como são, para lá da justiça

São cegas mas vêm no escuro Vêm tudo, sempre e em todo o lado

Quem tem um bom advogado consegue “safar-se” Não há advogado ou “safa” possíveis

Há quem esteja fora ou para além da lei Todos estão sujeitos à mesma lei

Vêm sempre a seguir às inovações Estão à frente, lado e atrás de tudo

São reactivas e punitivas São proactivas e justas

Dependem das instituições e da sua fiscalização São independentes de tudo e todos

Pagam-se taxas e estipulam-se coimas São gratuitas e têm valor universal

Prescrevem e terminam com a morte física São eternas e transitam de corpo

Certamente que há mais. Se gostaste, acrescenta as tuas! Gratidão 😀

Is there life after death?

I was raised a catholic, in a Western European, upper-middle class family of mostly scientific background. My father and brother are civil engineers, my mother and sister are biologists. My oncle and aunt are medical doctors, my grandfather was a medical doctor as well. From my three cousins, two are biologists and one is geologist. All are therefore from exact sciences and I am the only one who went for social sciences. The family from my father´s side has less formal, academic education, yet I´ve always had very scarce and little contact with them.
I was therefore brought-up firmly believing that there was no such thing as a life after death, that it was “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, end of story. I’ve rejected religion very early, from 13 years old I was already reading Friederich Nietzche (The Anti-Christ), Jean-Paul Sartre (The Existentialism is a Humanism) and Karl Marx (The Capital), and so I adhered to the worldview that religion was indeed the opium of the people and that it served to manipulate and control the masses, that we were mere finite, mortal beings and that the idea of immortality was our ego trying to justify our own existence, a way for us to be more than mere mortal beings, of justifying our own existence.

However, I did have a Near-Death Experience in Angola (subject of another post, that you can find here:, of which I recall nothing whatsoever. In fact, I have a ¨blank¨ in my life of more than four months, of which I remember almost nothing.

Since then, my life has changed considerably, and the way I live my life has changed drastically! I´ve also had several experiences that I cannot rationally justify or accept and that turned my perceptions and beliefs upside down. I’ve had several sessions with a medium, who has transmitted messages from my ancestors (my grandfather) and who also incorporated my father (who can’t speak or write, due to a stroke). Our first session happened by a total “accident”, completely unintended from my side. I was unexpectedly invited to sit in on someone else’s session, by a mere accident of chance, as I was passing by the office of a friend. So I sat to watch the medium, and she asked my friend what had happened in her life in two specific years (3 and 10 years earlier). For her they were just normal years, and for me they were the two most important years in my life (after the year I was born, naturally). I felt dumbfounded and said that I was interfering with the reading, but that I wanted to do a session with her. I went for dinner nearby and returned, and so we did a session in the house just in front, my mother’s house. There, the medium channeled messages from my grandfather that were completely spot on and allowed for me to go to Angola and to the same place, ten years after my NDE. Without the advice from my grandfather to let things flow, to trust life and not try to control things, to change and alter the course of events (something completely inconceivable to me and that went against all that I had been taught and my whole worldview), I would never have gone back to Angola from the 11th to the 15th August 2014, when my accident (fell from a 6th floor, 32 metres high) was on Friday, the 13th August 2004. The full detail of the incredible streak of “coincidences” that led me there on the same day, 10 years later, is on the post that I’ve linked up here. She also incorporated my father, not being able to speak and becoming red and irritated, as my father usually does. She signaled for a pen and paper, I gave them to her, and she couldn’t write either. After taking a few minutes to regain her composure and after me bringing her a glass of water, her first question was if I had someone close to me who couldn’t speak or write. I told her yes, yet that it was my father, and he was (and is) still alive! She said it didn’t matter, that his energy is around, and that his higher self wanted to connect, yet couldn’t because of his current condition.

Many things have happened since, that confirmed to me that we are much more than mere mortal beings and that we are indeed very powerful, creative beings! I still don’t believe or like most New Age gurus and the smokescreen that seems to be pervasive, and I find that it actually misleads people from their own, unique inner development and unfolding path.
Interestingly enough, now I see that we are infinite beings living a finite experience, that there is life after death and beyond this finite existence. And that it is our ego-centred society that doesn’t allow us to see beyond the illusion of a limited science, based on assumptions and an incomplete scientific model, trying in most cases to prove a thesis, the repeatability of something under the same circumstances (as if the world wasn’t in permanent change. As Buddha stated, the impermanence of all things is the first noble, universal truth) and discarding everything that doesn’t conform to our initial thesis and/or idea. Even though there are several scientific methods ((inductive, deductive, hypothetical-deductive, dialectic, phenomenologic, etc), they are all quite reductionist and discard what doesn’t conform what is expected. However, many of humanity’s greatest discoveries and scientific advancements have been made by chance, or by mistake (from penicillin to gravity, from velcro to the X-Ray, passing through the microwave or the pacemaker, the list is huge, some scientists go as far as claiming that 30 to 50% of all scientific discoveries are by accident:, and that should give us a clue that something is wrong with our models and worldview. The market dominance and big Multinational Corporations (MNCs) sponsoring or paying for most of scientific reviews is a criminal oligopoly ( and makes scientific journals less useful to humanity by the day ( They have even demonstrated a pro-GMO lobby bias (
Therefore, it now seems that my reasoning has come full-circle. I used to firmly believe in the primacy of science, only to be bitterly disappointed by it and realise that it is highly incomplete and discards only too many things that are true and real, simply because they don´t conform to the current scientific method. Thing is: the current scientific method bases all research on an hypothesis, grounded on the observation of natural phenomena. The hypothesis is rigorously experimented upon in order to create a model or theory, based on the observation of the results. This creates a train-wreck on most human individuals (
Here is an attempt at defining current myths and what to do about them (
And here a very thorough and peer-reviewed analysis of why peer-review is flawed, written by a major actor in the system, the former CEO of the British Medical Journal Group (BMJ) for 13 years:
I now know that most things that are related to the matters of the spirit and that most religions and spiritualities have been affirming for centures and millenia are real, they do exist. Our science cannot yet comprehend, accept or study, even less prove or theorize about them, but I believe that this is only a matter of time. What we now consider hocus pocus or bogus will be obvious and self-evident in the future. I’ve realised that spirituality and most esoteric currents have most likely a scientific explanation, it is rather that our science hasn’t reached it yet.
So, there seems to be much more to life than what we are taught and led to believe.

I honestly think that it shall signify a major, quantum leap, in human evolution when we realize that we are infinite beings living a finite experience. When this happens, people will stop killing, looting and pillaging the Commons, as in the Tragedy of the Commons (, because they will become aware that the law of karma (action-consequence) is real and that they’ll return, and therefore that whatever they do in their present lifetime does have consequences, past, present and future.
Here are some well-researched evidences of Near-Death Experiences that show that our consciousness is not in our body, and that we retain conscience even when our vital signs, heart and brain activity are gone. Science cannot, yet again, explain this nowadays, but it exists and has been repeatedly and thoroughly reported:
Life after death:

Finally, I’ve come across a number of scientific investigations on life after death:

I realise now that the illusion of separation and of death has made us disconnected from nature, from each other and from our higher, true selves. A new worldview is most needed and is already amongst us, one that views everything as it is: inextricably linked and interdependent. What we dream, feel, think and do has consequences, both to ourselves and to everything around us. The veil of illusion is disappearing, more and more are realising how deeply flawed and incomplete our contemporary worldview is. I am but one of many…

So now I am transitioning from a state of believing to a state of knowing. A belief is based upon theory or credence, on faith, with no personal knowledge or sound justification. Knowing comes from a place of experience, of assurance and excitement!!! with the possibilities ahead.

O afidalgamento de Lisboa

Nasci em Lisboa, e aqui vivi de forma permanente até 1998. Depois disso, já vivi noutros 7 países, em 3 continentes. Na minha vida já fui a mais de 50 capitais, em 4 continentes. Vivi em Amesterdão depois do boom das low cost, e já lá tinha ido antes. Vivi em Cracóvia em pleno boom das low cost. Isto serve para dizer que falo com conhecimento de causa, por experiência própria e não apenas de conhecimento teóricos ou académicos.

Os fenómenos sociais são algo que me interessam, e muito. Quando vivia na Escócia, tive uma namorada Holandesa (com a qual acabei por ir viver para Roterdão, antes de mudar para Amesterdão) que, de vez em quando, telefonava para a Holanda. Reparei no seu ar tenso e perguntei-lhe porquê. Ela respondeu-me, para minha estupefação, que uns amigos dela passavam uma noite em casa dela uma vez por semana, com as luzes acesas e sinais de que a casa estava habitada. Quando lhe perguntei porquê, ela explicou-me que tinham uma lei na Holanda que permitia a que pessoas sem domicílio fixo (os chamados sem-abrigo) entrassem à força numa casa desabitada e que aí ficassem a morar se ninguém viesse reclamar a sua propriedade e uso em 30 dias. Tinham de informar a gementheid (Câmara Municipal), a polícia e as finanças, depois era-lhes atribuída uma renda social (que todas as CMs tinham de manter atualizadas) e tinham direito a morar ali. Se o proprietário voltasse, não poderia expulsar as pessoas. Isso pareceu-me do outro mundo, vindo de uma capital onde havia (e há) milhares de sem-abrigo. Informei-me e constatei que, devido a confrontos e convulsões sociais depois da 2ª GGM, chegaram na Holanda a um acordo, a um contrato social, em que se uma casa estava vazia e desabitada, se poderia entrar e ficar com direito a morar ali.

Quando cresci defendia muito a iniciativa privada e era manifestamente de direita (o Rui Godinho, o Gadão, a brincar até dizia que eu era pior que o Pedro Arroja, que queria privatizar os Rios Portugueses). A vida e a experiência, felizmente, fez-me mudar, de opinião e de visão. Em Paris reparei no quão forte e importante eram os movimentos sociais e os direitos dos cidadãos. É o país que mais investe no mundo na cultura em termos percentuais do PIB. Para além disso, tem o estatuto dos intermitentes do espetáculo, que permite que os artistas que normalmente tem uma vida precária e muito sazonal tenham segurança social, paguem impostos, tenham assistência na doença e recebam algum dinheiro nos meses em que não trabalham. Para além disso, a praça em frente à Câmara Municipal do Primeiro Bairro de Paris chama-se ¨Place de la Grève¨. Isso diz do poder do povo que fez a Revolução Francesa (apesar de agora se estarem a deixar comer, e à grande, na história das vacinações obrigatórias, um escândalo que vai para a frente, apesar de ter havido um abaixo-assinado com mais de 1 milhão de assinaturas a favor do direito da liberdade de escolher, preparado e submetido por médicos e outros profissionais de saúde). A França ainda é a exceção cultural, um oásis no meio de políticas submetidas a uma implacável e desumana lógica de mercado.

Ouço e leio muitas pessoas a defender que a atual gentrificação, ou afidalgamento, de Lisboa (e Porto, e Algarve, e Alentejo, enfim, de Portugal) é bom, que é positivo, porque as casas são restauradas, porque dá empregos, porque faz circular riqueza que há divisas que entram, que se renova o parque urbano (porque menos o rural) e outros argumentos que tais. Concordo com alguns desses pontos, mas parece-me que a estratégia em Portugal (haverá ou terá alguma vez havido alguma verdadeira estratégia?) não é a melhor, que as coisas acontecem muito ad hoc. Ora vejamos: tenho vários amigos que já tiveram de abandonar as casas onde cresceram e viveram desde sempre, pois o prédio foi comprado por especuladores imobiliários, chineses, franceses e outros. Esse dinheiro circulou sim, mas uma boa parte não ficou cá, sumiu-se nos circuitos e mercados financeiros internacionais (os mesmos que nos estrangularam e sugaram há uns anos).
Há movimentos recém-criados de resistência, que têm conseguido resistir pontualmente às expulsões forçadas, despejos, negociações para venda e aumento de preços generalizado que força ao abandono. Mas são uma gota de água num deserto de abandono dos locais. Portugal está na moda, e sobretudo Lisboa, Porto e o Algarve. Acontece que esta moda, tal como todas as outras, vai passar. E o que aconteceu em Detroit, em muitas cidades e vilas de Espanha à China, passando por Barcelona ou Atenas, são claros exemplos de que a construção, remodelação, planos de ubanização, afidalgamento e suposto desenvolvimento são, na esmagadora maioria dos casos, míopes e com um efeito rebound terrível a médio-longo prazo. Espero bem que Portugal ainda arrepie caminho e faça diferente, para melhor. Porque o turismo de massas (a turistificação indiferenciada), a McDonaldização das nossas cidades com as marcas, hóteis, fast-foods, wine bars, barbearias gourmet, livrarias da moda, e concept stores do costume tem tido e vai ter consequências terríveis, mortíferas, para tudo e para todos. Vistos dourados, com isenções fiscais a estrangeiros endinheirados, enquanto os Portugueses são sobrecarregados com uma carga fiscal cada vez maior (e um IVA absurdo, letal), sem contrapartida real nos serviços e regalias dados pelo Estado (que continua a subsidiar combustíveis fósseis mais do que faz à energia verde e a vender os bens e recursos naturais de todos nós, por tuta e meia).

Concordo que se tem de fazer algo às casas abandonadas, Aliás, tenho esse problema na minha família! A minha avó paterna faleceu há dois anos e a herança continua indivisa, sem resolução amigável à vista. E o património a degradar-se, e nenhum dos herdeiros (o meu pai e a minha tia) podem fazer o que quer que seja dele. Certamente que há muitos milhares de casos assim em Portugal. Aumentar o IMI é certamente um dos métodos fáceis de impedir que as casas fiquem vazias, mas também é um encargo enorme para os Portugueses, que já vivem com um rendimento bastante inferior à média Europeia, e pagam bastante mais por certos produtos tecnológicos ou biológicos (já para não falar de alguns essenciais e básicos, como água e eletricidade). Parece-me muito bem aumentar o IMI sim, mas o de prédios devolutos, e fazendo onerar não somente o ou a cabeça de casal, mas sim todos os herdeiros. Assim, se um dos herdeiros não quiser resolver o assunto (o caso da minha tia), não é o cabeça de casal que deve ter de pagar um IMI agravado sobre um ou vários imóveis dos quais não pode dispôr. Aumentar o IMI tout court, por outro lado e para todos os casos, é apenas tornar ainda mais difícil a vida dos Portugueses, e vai levar a ainda mais especulação financeira, fuga de capitais e degradação social.
Assisti ao fenómenos do afidalgamento como residente em cidades como Amesterdão, Cracóvia, Paris, Londres, Glasgow, Tavira e Lisboa, enquanto turista e visitante em muitas outras, como Veneza, Florença, Milão, Roma, Barcelona, Madrid, Budapeste, Porto, Copenhaga, Dublin, Luxemburgo, Bruxelas, Helsínquia, Munique, Berlim, Dresden, Varsóvia, Gdansk, e tantas outras que até me esqueço. O que parece ser bom de início, rapidamente demonstra não o ser assim tanto…

Os PDMs são bons instrumentos de planeamento urbanístico, é pena é que imensos estejam mal elaborados, constantemente em atraso e que não sejam cumpridos. Em Portugal temos um corpus legal dos mais completos da Europa, legislamos sobre “tudo e um par de botas”. Quando era mais novo acahava, ingenuamente, que isso era muito bom. Só mais tarde percebi que isso era algo feito de propósito, pois permite que quem tem meios suficientes possa sempre encontrar um buraco na lei, uma alínea esconsa num decreto-lei ou regulamentação que convenientemente se esqueceram de revogar e que lhe permite “safar-se”. Isso e o facto de a fiscalização e o sistema jurídico-penal não funcionarem ou terem meios ridículos para a árdua tarefa que têm pela frente. Junta-se a corrupção endémica em Portugal, a todos os níveis da sociedade, e temos um belo cozinhado…
Alguns vão algumas fotos, artigos e ligações interessantes sobre a temática:

Algumas fotos da minha vizinhança directa, onde cresci em Lisboa. Nela podemos ver um bom exemplo de recuperação de um edifício histórico, na Av. Duque de Loulé, que vai ser um guetto de burgueses, uma ruína na rua onde cresci, que esteve abandonado desde sempre e continua a degradar-se, alheio à revolução em curso. Ali “podia viver gente”, ou podiam morar mais uns turistas low cost, ou até uns burgueses aperaltados…
Uma lavandaria (há outra a menos de 100 metros), mesmo em frente a casa os antigos ISSS (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social, agora escritório de advogados) e INP (Instituto de Novas Profissões, prédio devoluto há bem mais de uma década), que agora foram para longe, por ser muito mais barato e terem “melhores condições”, e faltam ainda muitos outros bem perto, como a horrível nova sede da PJ, que destruiu o lindo edifício da Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária; o Collegiate, novo guetto para estudantes aburguesados e maioritariamente estrangeiros (poucos Portugueses poderão pagar no mínimo 400€ para morar no centro de Lisboa); vários hóteis na Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, na Av. Liberdade e outras veias e artérias circundantes que destruiram prédios lindos;


Abaixo-assinado sobre a gentrificação no Porto, Património da Humanidade:

Writing Retreat 2018 is on!

The 2018 edition of the Writing Retreat with Emeritus Professor Jonathan Gosling is on! Please see more and register at:

Coincidências ou sincronicidades?

A minha interpretação do que aconteceu é a de que as chaves do meu coração estão prestes a abrir-se:
Hoje, por três vezes não consegui abrir portas: de casa, do carro e de uma casa de banho pública, tudo no espaço de poucas horas. Quando tentei abrir cada uma delas, não funcionou. Depois de uns momentos de stress depois de tentar forçar sem sucesso, fiz uma pausa e, tranquilamente, tentei abrir outra vez, o que aconteceu sem esforço algum de todas as vezes.
Após alguma reflexão, a minha interpretação é:

  • Tempos de grande transformação e mudança se aproximam, em que devo agir com tranquilidade, segurança e sem esforço. Se forçar e tentar controlar, elas não se abrirão. Se, ao invés, agir com serenidade e em harmonia, tudo fluirá naturalmente.
  • Muitas portas se poderão abrir nos tempos mais próximos, e se agir em harmonia com a vida e o Universo, elas abrir-se-ão naturalmente.
  • Confiar cada vez mais na vida e no que ela proporciona, na sua inigualável capacidade para me dar aquilo de que necessito, quando mais preciso.


Querid@s amig@s, o Domingo dia 10 de Julho de 2016 foi um dia muito especial para mim!

Foi num dia em que desmontei alguns tabus que tinha, e em que consegui passar a acreditar e a viver o que já sentia e sabia.

Cresci em Portugal, a adorar futebol.

Desde os 9 anos de idade fui sócio do Sporting Clube de Portugal, e fui mais de 100 vezes ao estádio de Alvalade, no qual tinha lugar efetivo.

Fui ver jogos selecção nacional muitas vezes também, e seguia a mesma com uma ansiedade e emoção muito grandes. Fui ver a final do campeonato do mundo de Sub-20 no Estádio da Luz em 1991, quando ganhámos ao Brasil. Tinha bilhetes “follow my team” Portugal para o Euro 2004, ao qual acabei por não poder ir (estava a viver em Luanda, Angola) pois o meu chefe ia tirar férias na mesma altura. Segui os jogos de Luanda, e para mim foi a confirmação da minha desilusão com o futebol. Até há poucos dias achava que não iríamos ganhar nada, pois até já conseguimos perder um campeonato da Europa em casa, e com uma equipa menor (de uma cultura maior, a Grega), que nunca tinha ganho nada.

Começámos a empatar, e como hoje em dia mudei completamente de vida, de interesses, companhias e de experiências, perdi o interesse na selecção (como já perdi no Sporting há muito tempo). E depois, ia vendo, ouvindo e sabendo que íamos progredindo, continuando. Sem grandes resultados, sem vitórias estrondosas, sofrendo, com dúvidas e dificuldades, lá fomos andando.

Quando me apercebi, já estávamos na final, com a França, em Paris. Vivi ali dois anos, e senti na pele alguma da famosa xenofobia das pessoas dessa nação. Por outro lado, também fiz e mantenho grandes amigos nados e criados ali…

À medida que o jogo se aproximava, a minha ansiedade também. E o meu lado racional dizia: mas porque é que estás excitado com um jogo da bola; hoje em dia sabes que isto é tudo manipulado, que esses putos com comportamentos egóicos e agressivos recebem mais do que um prémio nobel da paz ou da medicina, ou que alguém que salva milhares de vidas ou dedica a mesma a ajudar e a acordar outras; que o futebol abre e fecha telejornais e é o ópio do povo contemporâneo; que os Portugueses dão mais importância a um jogador da bola ou a um jogo do que a defender e cuidar de si próprios e de onde vivem, do seu meio ambiente. Enfim, porque é que agora estás assim? Achas que vais ganhar, em França, e logo com (sim, porque já nem gosto de pensar contra) os Franceses? Alguma vez o árbitro irá deixar?

O jogo começa, e a França ataca. Portugal defende, e bem. Ronaldo estava super coberto e sem grandes hipóteses. Os Franceses (ou melhor, os negros naturalizados Franceses) estavam a entrar duro, e os Portugueses a queixarem-se do árbitro. Até aí, tudo normal, habitual.

Depois, ainda mal o jogo tinha começado e o Ronaldo lesiona-se, num lance normal de disputa de bola. Estava visivelmente em dores, mas continua, até uma outra falta sem nada de especial, mas que o deixa inoperacional.

Aí se deu o momento-chave do Europeu para mim. Foi aí que se acendeu a luz, que “caiu a ficha”: AHÁ, é isto mesmo que tinha de acontecer. A única forma de provarmos a nós mesmos que somos capazes, que não somos uns coitadinhos nem devemos nada a ninguém, é ganharmos à França, em França e sem o Ronaldo!

A França continuava a atacar, mas a cada ataque infrutífero ia esmorecendo um pouco. E Portugal ia crescendo. Quando um dos poucos Gauleses da equipa Francesa (Guignac) atirou a bola à trave já nos descontos do tempo regulamentar, todos trememos. Aí senti mais uma vez que iríamos passar esta grande prova, que isso fazia parte do grande esquema das coisas. E o Raphael ainda enviou uma bola à trave, já na segunda parte do prolongamento, só para não haver dúvidas de que também merecemos e queremos ganhar, que não foi por mero acaso.

E, dois minutos depois, a patinho feio, o Éder que entrou muito bem no jogo, mas em que um meu colega de aventura dizia que: “oh não, o Éder não, ele não faz nada certo”. E foi ele mesmo que marcou um golo monumental, foi um Português Africano que deu a Portugal a vitória. E ouvia alguns comentários menos felizes e mais xenófobos de companheir@s de aventura, sobre o cigano (o Ricardo Quaresma quando ia levando o pescoço do Francês) isto e que vai esfaquear este, o negro aquilo e que vai matar ou roubar outro. E foi lindo, foi esse mesmo patinho feio que nos deu a vitória mais deliciosa de todas. Mais do que ganhar em casa com a Grécia, mais do que ganhar em França com a França, o mehor foi mesmo ganhar em França, com a França, sem Cristiano Ronaldo e com um marcador de raça negra, que muitos Portugueses criticavam e nem achavam que merecia estar ali.

Onde estão as dúvidas, as desculpas, os árbitros, os milhões, a EUFA, a FIFA, o azar, o destino de sofredor, de perdedor, o “não merecemos”, o “não conseguimos”? Digam-me, onde está isso tudo agora?

Temos um mundo a refazer, quero e vou fazer por um desporto em que não hajam fronteiras de nação, cor, religião, etnia nem nada disso, em que a “minha” vitória não signifique a “derrota” de nada nem de ninguém. Até lá, sou feliz e orgulhoso. Sim, porque o orgulho de ter nascido e crescido neste cantinho à beira-mar plantado, com pessoas humildes, simples e amigas do outro é bom, só pode ser bom 😀 ❤

O Renascer da Primavera / The Rebirth of Spring / Le Renouveau du Printemps

O Renascer da Primavera

Retiro de vida saudável

6,7 e 8 Maio 2016 – ZenVouga


Este retiro é uma introdução à vida saudável, com um workshop para aprender a cozinhar receitas vegetarianas simples e deliciosas, de uma forma rápida e fácil. A comida vegetariana é cheia de cores, sabor e alma. Venha aprender a confeccionar receitas que pode aproveitar no dia-a-dia.

O retiro tem diferentes técnicas de meditação: guiadas, passivas e activas, a caminhar e em silêncio. Inclui teoria e prática da alimentação saudável e de plena consciência (mindfulness).

Vamos caminhar em natureza e silêncio e praticar a respiração consciente, atenção plena e contemplação. Partilhamos como usar/aplicar estas práticas no dia-a-dia.

No final, damos um caderno de informações úteis, com receitas, contactos, ligações e ideias.

Quem somos nós e porque te podemos ajudar:

* Manu(el) Trindade é um cidadão do mundo, tendo aprendido 10 idiomas, vivido em 8 países, em 3 continentes e trabalhado em 6 áreas distintas. Depois de ter sobrevivido a um acidente gravíssimo, começou a dar atenção ao lado espiritual. Desde há 10 anos para cá, tem frequentado inúmeros cursos, retiros e workshops, tendo tirado um curso de MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) enquanto estava a fazer o One Planet MBA em Exeter. Também já experienciou, entre outros,  um Vipassana e dois retiros com Thich Nhat Hanh, o mestre budista Zen.
* Avani Ancok, Ex-Jornalista,  Monitora de Actividades Aquáticas & Hidroginástica, Watsu. Amante de viagens, de natureza e meditação. Depois de sobreviver a uma doença muito grave há vinte anos, tornou-se vegetariana. Faz Meditação/Reiki e Viagens Xâmanicas para Crianças. Fez cursos de Terapia Multidimensional e Magnified Healing. Tem os três niveis de Reiki. Faz regularmente retiros de meditação, silêncio, jejum e detox desde 2005 e  fez um retiro de 40 dias de silêncio, jejum e meditação na Costa Rica com Tony Samara.
Taste a New Life (
* Fausto Rodrigues, com 66 anos, natural de Tondela, é diplomado em Alimentação Saudável pela Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturologia de Lisboa. É vegetariano há mais de 40 anos, tendo resolvido inúmeros problemas de saúde e constituição através da sua prática.

* Odete Rodrigues, com 60 anos, natural da Prova, Oliveira de Frades, é responsável pela confeção de alimentação vegetariana há mais de 40 anos. Aprendeu a sua arte com médicos Norte-Americanos em duas missões (Kiquku e Bongo) em Angola, onde viveu entre 1966 e 1975. De retorno a Portugal, teve um restaurante vegetariano e ervanária no Barreiro nos anos 80 e 90, a Nutrivida, onde o Doutor Jorge Indiveri Colucci dava consultas de naturologia.


Sexta-feira 6 de Maio

A partir das 17h: Recepção aos participantes.

19h30: Introdução ao retiro, às instalações da quinta e alojamentos e relembrar as orientações para o fim-de-semana

20h: Sopa primaveril campestre com produtos sazonais e locais

21h: Meditação de boas vindas ao retiro


Sábado 7 de Maio (chá e bolachas para antes da meditação matinal)

08h: Meditação matinal (heart chakra meditation)

09h: Pequeno-almoço

10h: Plena consciência (Mindfulness) – teoria

11h30: Pausa

11h45: Plena consciência (Mindfulness) – prática

13h: Almoço e tempo livre

14h30: Passeio em silêncio e meditação a caminhar

17h: Chá e fruta

17h15: Sessão sobre alimentação e leitura de passagens do yoga da alimentação (Mestre Omraam)

18h: Meditação Kundalini

19h: Jantar e tempo livre

20h30: Partilha de experiências e troca de impressões


Domingo 8 de Maio

8h: Meditação matinal (ativa)

9h: Início do workshop, preparação e degustação de pequeno-almoço saudável

10h: Teórica e prática da alimentação saudável, com preparação do almoço

13h: Almoço confeccionado com os participantes e tempo livre

14h30: Meditação silenciosa a caminhar

15h: Teórica e prática da alimentação saudável, com partilha de receitas

17h: Final do retiro, lanche, chá e fruta para o caminho


Informações e inscrições: ou +351 912288832

Preço: 275€ com alojamento, alimentação e todas as atividades do retiro incluídas; Todas as refeições são vegetarianas, com ingredientes locais e biológicos

Condições de pagamento: 100€ no acto da reserva e 175€ à chegada ao retiro


The Rebirth of Spring

Healthy life retreat

6,7 and 8 May 2016 – ZenVouga

This retreat is an introduction to a healthy lifestyle, with a workshop on learning how to cook simple and delicious vegetarian recipes, in an easy and fast way. Vegetarian cuisine is full of colours, flavours and soul. Come learn how to prepare recipes that you can enjoy in your daily life.

The retreat has different meditation techniques: guided, passive and active, walking and silent. It includes theory and practice of healthy nourishment and mindfulness.

We will walk in nature and silence, and practice conscious breathing, mindfulness and contemplation. We will how to use/apply these practices in daily life.

In the end, we will give you a booklet with useful information, recipes, contacts, links and ideas.

Who we are and why we may help you:

* Manu(el) Trindade is a citizen of the world, having learnt 10 languages, lived in 8 nations, in 3 continents and worked in 6 different areas. After having survived a very serious accident, he started giving attention to his spiritual side. During the last 10 years, he has been doing many courses, retreats and workshops, having taken an MBSR course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) while he was doing the One Planet MBA in Exeter. He has also experienced, among others, a Vipassana and two retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh, the Zen Buddhist master.
* Avani Ancok, former Journalist, Aquatic activities & Hydrogymnastics instructor, Watsu. Travels, nature and meditation lover. After having survived a very serious illness twenty years ago, she became vegetarian. Does Meditation/Reiki and Shamanic voyages with Children. Did Multidimensional therapy and Magnified Healing courses. Has the three Reiki levels. Does regularly meditation fasting and detox retreats since 2005 and has done a 40 days silence, fasting and meditation retreat in Costa Rica with Tony Samara.
Taste a New Life (
* Fausto Rodrigues, 66 years old, Portuguese, has a diploma in Healthy Nutrition from the Portuguese Society of Natural Health (Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturologia) in Lisbon. He is a vegetarian since more than 40 years, having solved numerous health and ill-constitution problems through his practice.

* Odete Rodrigues, 60 years old, Portuguese, is in charge of preparing vegetarian nourishment for more than 40 years. She has learned her art with North-American doctors in two missions in Angola (Kiquku and Bongo), where she lived between 1966 and 1975. Upon their return to Portugal, she had a botanist shop and restaurant in Barreiro (South of Lisbon) in the 80’s and 90’s, called Nutrivida, where Doctor Jorge Indiveri Colucci also gave his natural health (naturologia) consultations.


Friday 6 May

From 5pm: Reception of the participants

7.30pm: Introduction to the retreat, to the farm facilities and accommodation and reminder of the orientations for the weekend

8pm: Spring farm soup with local and seasonal produce

9pm: Welcome to the retreat meditation


Saturday 7 May (tea and cookies before the morning meditation)

8am: Morning meditation (Heart chakra meditation)

9am: Breakfast

10am: Mindfulness – theory

11.30am: Pause

11.45am: Mindfulness – practice

1pm: Lunch and free time

2.30pm: Silent walk and walking meditation

5pm: Tea and fruit

5.15pm: Session on nourishment and reading of passages of the yoga of nutrition (Master Omraam)

6pm: Kundalini meditation

7pm: Diner and free time

8.20pm: Sharing of experiences and impressions


Sunday 8 May

8am: Morning meditation (active)

9am: Start of the workshop, preparation and enjoyment of a healthy breakfast

10am: Theory and practice of healthy nutrition, with the lunch preparation

1pm: Lunch prepared with the participants and free time

2.30pm: Silent walking meditation

3pm: Theory and practice of healthy nutrition, with recipe sharing

5pm: End of the retreat, snack, tea and fruit for the way back


Information and registration: or +351 912288832

Price: 275€ with accommodation, food and all the activities of the retreat included

Payment conditions: 100€ upon reservation and 175€ upon arrival at the retreat; All meals are vegetarian, with local and organic ingredients



Le Renouveau du Printemps

Retraite de vie saine

6,7 et 8 Mai 2016 – ZenVouga


Cette retraite est une introduction à la vie saine, avec un atelier pour apprendre à cuisiner des recettes végétariennes simples et délicieuses, d’une façon rapide et facile. La cuisine végétarienne est pleine de couleurs, saveurs et âme. Venez apprendre à confectionner des recettes que vous pouvez déguster dans votre quotidien.

La retraite inclut différentes techniques de méditation: guidées, passives et actives, en marchant et en silence. Elle inclut la théorie et pratique de la nourriture saine et de la pleine conscience (mindfulness).

Nous allons cheminer en nature et silence, et pratiquer la respiration consciente, la pleine conscience et la contemplation. Nous allons partager comment utiliser/appliquer ces pratiques dans votre quotidien.

À la fin, on vous donnera un petit cahier avec des informations utiles, des recettes, des contacts, des liens et des idées.

Qui sommes nous et pourquoi nous pourrons vous aider :

* Manu(el) Trindade est un citoyen du monde, ayant appris 10 langues, vécu en 8 pays, en 3 continents et travaillé en 6 domaines différents. Après avoir survécu un accident gravissime, il a commencé à donner plus d’attention à son côté spirituel. Depuis 10 ans, il a fréquenté des très nombreux cours, retraites et ateliers, ayant pris un cours de MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) lors qu’il faisait le One Planet MBA à Exeter. Il a aussi déjà expérimenté, entre autres, une Vipassana et deux retraites avec Thich Nhat Hanh, le maître Bouddhiste Zen.
* Avani Ancok, ancienne Journaliste,  Monitrice d’Activités Aquatiques & Hidrogymnastique, Watsu. Amante de voyages, de nature et meditation. Après avoir survécu une maladrie très grave il y a 20 ans, elle est devenu végétarienne. Fait de la Méditation/Reiki et Voyages Shamaniques pour des Enfants. A fait des cours de Thérapeutique Multidimensionnelle et Magnified Healing. A les trois niveaux de Reiki. Fait régulièrement des retraites de méditation, silence, jain et detox depuis 2005 et à fait une retraite de 40 jours de silence, jain et méditation au Costa Rica avec Tony Samara.
Taste a New Life (
* Fausto Rodrigues, 66 ans, Portugais, est un diplômé en Alimentation Saine par la Société Portugaise de Santé Naturelle (Sociedade Portuguesa de Naturologia), de Lisbonne. Il est végétarien depuis plus de 40 ans, ayant résolu des nombreux problèmes de santé et constitution par le biais de sa pratique.

* Odete Rodrigues, 60 ans, Portugaise, est responsable pour la confection de l’alimentation végétarienne depuis plus de 40 ans. Elle a appris son art avec des médecins Nord-Américains dans deux missions (Kiquku et Bongo) en Angola, où elle a vécu entre 1966 et 1975. De retour au Portugal, elle a eu une herboristerie et restaurant végétarien au Barreiro (Sud de Lisbonne) dans les années 80 et 90, nommé Nutrivida, où le Docteur Jorge Indiveri Colucci donnait aussi des consultations de santé naturelle (naturologia).



Vendredi 6 Mai

À partir de 17h: Réception des participants.

19h30: Introduction à la retraite, aux installations et logements de la ferme et souvenir des orientations pour le weekend

20h: Soupe champêtre du Printemps avec des produits locaux et saisonniers

21h: Méditation de bienvenue à la retraite


Samedi 7 Mai (thé et biscuits pour avant la méditation matinale)

08h: Méditation matinale (Heart chakra meditation)

09h: Petit-déjeuner

10h: Pleine conscience (Mindfulness) – théorie

11h30: Pause

11h45: Pleine conscience (Mindfulness) – pratique

13h: Déjeuner et temps libre

14h30: Marche en silence et méditation en marche

17h: Thé et fruits

17h15: Session sur la nourriture et lecture des passages du yoga de la nourriture (Maître Omraam)

18h: Méditation Kundalini

19h: Diner et temps libre

20h30: Partage d’expériences et impressions


Dimanche 8 Mai

8h: Méditation matinale (active)

9h: Début de l’atelier avec la préparation et dégustation d’un petit-déjeuner sain

10h: Théorie et pratique de la nourriture saine, avec préparation du déjeuner

13h: Déjeuner préparé avec les intervenants et temps libre

14h30: Méditation en marche silencieuse

15h: Théorie et pratique de la nourriture saine, avec partage de recettes

17h: Fin de la retraite, casse-croûte, thé et fruits pour la route


Information et enregistrement: ou +351 912288832

Prix: 275€ avec logement, nourriture et toutes les activités de la retraite inclus ; Tous les repas sont végétariens, avec des ingrédients bio et locaux

Conditions de paiement: 100€ sur réservation et 175€ à l’arrivée à la retraite

Vouga Valley

Zen Vouga

Mudei-me recentemente para o Vale do Vouga, de onde a família do meu pai é oriunda. Depois de ir a Madagascar em, Fevereiro, fui convidado pelo Consul de Madagascar no Porto para fazer uma apresentação no ISLA do Porto, para uma classe de finalistas do curso de Turismo, sobre a viagem a Madagascar e o país, mostrando as minhas fotos.

Ao regresso, passei em Ribeiradio, na aldeia do meu pai, para pernoitar na quinta onde vou desde que nasci. Doeu-me a alma ver o estado de abandono em que a quinta estava e, como a minha vida estava novamente a mudar e tinha fechado a loja A Joaninha em Tavira, decidi falar com o meu pai para ver se ele concordava em que eu tomasse conta da quinta e fosse para ali viver. Ele concordou, e assim foi!

A Zen Vouga, ou Quinta do Fundo de Vila, é uma quinta de 2,5ha, com quatro casas, piscina coberta, alpendre fechado com forno a lenha e barbecue, com adega e lagar, sala de jogos e espaços verdes, garagem e lugares de estacionamento, eira, canastro, três tanques de água e duas minas de água cristalina, bem como um ribeiro que passa ao lado, mais três terrenos na vizinhança, dois com campos de milho e um pequeno bosque.

Tenho estado aqui então desde o início de Junho, a por tudo em ordem, a limpar e a arrumar, a arranjar e a restruturar a quinta. É campo e dá imenso trabalho, parece que quando se começa a limpar e arrumar por uma ponta, quando se chega à outra ponta já se tem de começar tudo de novo.

A vida aqui é completamente diferente de todas as que tenho tido até aqui. Embora já viesse aqui desde que nasci, só agora é que estou verdadeiramente a conhecer e a descobrir a terra e as suas gentes.


I’ve recently moved to the North of Portugal, to the Vouga Valley, where my father’s family comes from. After going to Madagascar in February, I was invited by the Consul of Madagascar in Porto to do a presentation at ISLA in Porto, to the finalists of the Tourism class, on the trip I had done to Madagascar and the country, showing my photos.

When going back to Tavira, I passed in my father’s home village, to sleep over in the farm where I go since I was born. It hurt my soul to see the state of abandonment in which the farm was and, as my life was changing again and I had closed the shop A Joaninha in Tavira, I’ve decided to speak with my father and see if he agreed in me takin care of the farm and living there, He agreed, very happy, and so it was.

Zen Vouga, or Quinta do Fundo de Vila, is a 2,5ha farm, with four houses, covered swimming pool, closed porch with wooden oven and barbecue, cellar and wine-making press, playroom and green spaces, garage and parking places, corn crib and storage, three water tanks and two clear-water mines, as well as a creek that passes nearby, plus three pieces of land in the neighbourhood, two with cord fields and a small woodland.

I’ve been here since the beginning of June, putting everything in order, cleaning and restructuring the farm. This is countryside and gives a lot of work, it seems that when you start cleaning and arranging on one end, when you get to the other end you already have to start all over again.

Life here is completely different than all the ones I’ve had thus far. Even though I’ve been coming here since I was born, only now I really get to know the land and its people.

Madagascar, land of biodiversity

In February 2015 I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams, having travelled for three weeks in Madagáscar. The fourth largest Island in the world, it is a haven of biodiversity, with most of its fauna and flora being totally endemic and not existing anywhere else on the planet that kindly (still) lets us inhabit it.

It has been quite shocking and painful to see first-hand what I had heard about many times, that most of the forests (more than 85%) and wildlife in this amazing country are no more, they have ceased to be. Whilst we did see a lot of fascinating wildlife, that was only in the three national parks that we’ve visited.

However, it has also been soothing to see that there is a lot of reforestation taking place and to confirm my long-held belief that so-called development, or rather, industrialisation and over-consumption, the society of “stuff” that we have in the West leads nowhere else but widespread environmental degradation and human misery. Yes, the happiest people I’ve seen so far in life were living in Angola, Laos and Madagascar, three of the countries with the lowest HDI (Human Development Index) in the world (even if Angola is very rich in natural resources, it still has some of the lowest HDIs in the world). Could it be that we have a “slightly” biased notion of development, and that it could use a complete overhaul? I firmly believe so…

People in Madagáscar that haven’t been touched by the society of stuff have some of the most beautiful smiles and presence that I’ve been priviledged to see and feel.

Please find here below some of the pictures that I’ve taken. The best ones aren’t here, as I’m going to sell them and make exhibitions, hope you understand. Feel free to contact me if you want to see or purchase them. Best wishes to you!

Renascer em Angola / Rebirthing in Angola

Manu reborn

Fui, sou e serei eu mesmo, nada menos nem mais que isso. Um dia talvez tenha querido deixar de ser. A vida disse que não, que ainda tinha muito que viver.

No primeiro dia de Julho a querida amiga Carocha, uma índia da amazónia fundida num livre espírito da velha Europa, teve uma conversa séria comigo. Disse-me que sentia que eu stressava muito, que andava sempre atrás do que queria, a tentar puxá-lo para mim e a fugir do que não queria nem gostava, a empurrá-lo para longe de mim, e que devia deixar a vida fluir e não tentar sempre estar em controlo dela. Essa verdade tocou-me profundamente e deixou-me a matutar, estupefacto pela lucidez da sua visão. Via à transparência o que sempre me tinha andado a fugir! Fui para casa a cogitar naquilo, sonhei com fugas e perseguições, com um rebuliço dos diabos através duma densa floresta, até chegar a uma clareira onde havia um ancião sereno e majestoso, com asas de dragão. Estava de costas, pelo que dei cuidadosamente a volta à clareira e, qual não foi o espanto ao ver que, afinal, o ancião era eu mesmo…!!!

Quando acordo, medito (algo que não tenho feito tanto como quero, apesar de saber que me faz falta e bem como tudo) e faço um voto para mim próprio: de aqui em diante vou tentar ser mais calmo e deixar-me levar mais pela vida, em vez de a tentar controlar e estar tão ansioso por resultados e cheio de expetativas. Mais fácil dito que feito claro, mas a intenção é essa.

A sofreguidão que tinha de a viver fazia com que não deixasse que a suavidade e leveza do momento me levassem para outras paragens, muito para além do que tinha imaginado ou até sonhado.

Ora então foi assim: o primeiro sinal de que não existem coincidências e de que tinha desbloqueado algo de muito significativo na minha vida tive-o logo nesse mesmo dia, a 2 de Julho de 2014.

Nesse dia recebi uma mensagem no LinkedIn de um amigo que conheci no Schumacher College, em Inglaterra, numa das vezes em que estive a fazer voluntariado ali, em duas semanas de Outubro de 2012. O Doutor Mark Mclellan é um inglês sui generis, com uma larga experiência em engenharia ambiental e sustentabilidade e que vem da classe trabalhadora Britânica, um dos países do mundo com maior segregação de classes. Conectámos muito bem e impressionei-me com uma conversa que tivemos em que ele me explicou que tinha vivido quase como um eremita durante um período da sua vida, quando realmente tomou conta de como estamos a destruir a vida neste planeta e as nossas próprias possibilidades de subsistência futura como espécie, até se ter apercebido de que o impacto positivo das suas acções era muito reduzido na grande escala de coisas, e que até estava a criar anticorpos e a prestar um mau serviço ao movimento ambientalista, pois realmente essa não era a melhor forma de sensibilizar as pessoas nem de realmente mudar algo de significativo. Nessa noite chegámos à conclusão de que o melhor era mesmo sermos felizes, e que essa era a maior contribuição que poderíamos dar para a sustentabilidade do planeta e da espécie humana. O email do Mark dizia:

“Olá amigo,

Como vai a vida? Hoje em dia estou a trabalhar em Lyon, escreve-me para …@….com, talvez tenha um projeto em que poderíamos trabalhar juntos em Angola”

2014-08-14 13.57.27

E assim foi, no mesmo dia em que decidi deixar a vida fluir e tentar deixar de ser um control freak, algo se colocou em movimento no meu universo. E eu somente vi a mensagem e lhe respondi no dia 4, que era mesmo o último dia útil para ele aceitar o projecto (o Mark disse-me depois que, umas horas mais tarde e ele já teria recusado o trabalho da Veolia…).

Assim embarquei na grande viagem que me levou de regresso a Angola, para comemorar os dez anos de uma nova vida. Depois de ter caído do sexto andar do Kalunga Atrium (antigo prédio da Sical) e ter passado três semanas em coma profundo, a minha vida mudou completamente, bem como os meus interesses, pensamentos e ambições. Tinha pensado imenso e sonhado várias vezes em voltar a Luanda dez anos depois, para marcar a efeméride e fazer o balanço da nova vida que vivo desde então, mas já tinha colocado essa possibilidade de lado pois era em pleno Agosto, no pico da época alta e estaria a trabalhar muito no meu projeto em Tavira.

Falei e troquei emails regularmente com o Mark durante as semanas seguintes. Primeiro ele falou-me de irmos a Luanda ainda em Julho, o que não era de todo o que eu queria. Mas, lembrando-me do que a amiga Carocha me tinha dito, pela primeira vez escolhi não tentar influenciar. O que quer que me estivesse destinado, aceitá-lo-ia. E assim foi! Dois dias depois, o Mark telefonou-me a dizer que iria ele sozinho em Julho e que poderíamos ir depois juntos em Agosto. Perguntou-me quando era melhor para mim, ao que lhe respondi que qualquer altura era difícil (por causa da loja), mas que arranjaria tempo e deixaria as coisas organizadas, pelo que o melhor era mesmo ele escolher.

E assim foi! Passados uns dias veio-me dizer que iríamos a 11 de Agosto (mesmo a tempo de estar lá a 13). E aí quase deitei tudo a perder, ao confessar que era muito importante para mim estar em Luanda no dia 13 (embora sem dizer o porquê). Como por acaso do destino (hahaha), no dia seguinte ele disse-me que talvez tivéssemos de ir na semana seguinte. Foi aí que vi que tinha mesmo de deixar de tentar controlar e influenciar, que se isto tivesse de acontecer quando era para ser, aconteceria. E assim foi mais uma vez! Disse-lhe que seria como tivesse de ser, que eu estava aberto e disponível. Uns dias depois o Mark telefona-me a dizer que afinal tínhamos mesmo de ir a 11, porque a cliente só estava lá até ao final dessa semana. Que chatice, hehehe!!! 😉

Estive a viver em Luanda 23 meses, de setembro de 2002 a agosto de 2004, a trabalhar para a Total E&P (Exploração e Produção) Angola, antiga TotalFinaElf E&P Angola, como Encarregado de Recrutamento. Aceitar esse cargo foi uma das decisões mais difíceis da minha vida, pois já nessa altura tinha uma consciência ambiental e social bastante desperta e sabia distintamente que as empresas petrolíferas são algumas das empresas com o maior impacte negativo em muitos lindos e frágeis ecossistemas deste magnífico planeta azul que tão graciosamente nos alberga. Poder voltar 10 anos depois, e ainda por cima a supervisionar um Estudo de Impacto Ambiental e Social para um enorme sistema de abastecimento de água a Luanda, que vai dar água de beber a milhões de pessoas, foi um maravilhoso volte-face na pequena vida do Bé.

Mas a prova ainda não estava superada! Conseguir o visto para Angola foi uma saga. Tive de ir três dias consecutivos ao Consulado em Faro. Tinha vôo marcado para Luanda para dia 11, segunda-feira. Fui a primeira vez ao Consulado de Angola em Faro na 4ª feira dia 6 (isto depois de ter telefonado duas vezes antes, em que me deram diversas informações contraditórias) para ver tudo o que era necessário, para além de levar duas vacinas, pedir o certificado de registo criminal ao tribunal e uma declaração ao banco com o extrato bancário (para provar que tinha pelo menos 200$ por dia de estadia em Angola). Quando pensava que estava tudo encaminhado nesse dia, ainda tive de contratar um seguro de viagem (o seguro incluído no võo não chegava, pois não estava explicitamente em meu nome).

Para minha estupefação, no segundo dia que passei no Consulado de Angola em Faro tudo se complicou, pois disseram que era preciso um convite para ir para Angola feito por um/a Angolano/a e autenticado num cartório notarial, ou que a carta de convite que tinha, da Veolia, Águas de Angola tinha de ser assinada pelo seu Diretor Geral e tinha de ser enviada a cópia autenticada do seu passaporte, com o visto de trabalho em Angola. Para além disso, a confirmação do hotel tardava, e sem a reserva não me dariam o visto (apesar de pagar a “módica quantia” de 300,40€ por um visto de 7 dias e de ir trabalhar para um projeto de extrema importância para milhões de pessoas em Luanda). Falei diversas vezes com a gestora da Veolia Águas de Angola e ela ficou de tentar desbloquear a situação até 6ª feira. Não podia usar o meu telemóvel no Consulado (o segurança ameaçou-me inclusivé uma vez de o apreender se o voltasse a usar), muito embora o tivesse de fazer para poder comunicar com ela e com o pessoal da Veolia em França. Deixei o Consulado sem saber se no dia seguinte obteria o visto e, se não o tivesse, não conseguiria seguir para Luanda na 2ª pois o Consulado fecha no fim de semana e avião seguia na 2ª feira às 11h de Lisboa e o consulado em Faro só abria na 2ª às 10h, pelo que seria impossível! Stress total, mas deixei as coisas fluir… Já tinha feito a minha parte, se o universo quisesse que eu fosse, as coisas iriam desbloquear-se para fazer as pazes com o meu passado e poder seguir em frente com a minha vida. E, mais uma vez, assim foi! Mas não sem sofrer um pouco mais: somente recebi o visto à tarde, meia hora antes do Consulado fechar e depois de entregar o resto da documentação que faltava (reserva do hotel e seguro de viagem) e da representante da Veolia ter entregue um convite assinado e autenticado no notário, só que afinal até não foi preciso pois aceitaram o convite do Diretor Geral da Veolia Águas de Angola (apesar de ser carimbado em França e estar a pedir o visto em Portugal, uff uff uff).

Segunda-feira voei finalmente para Luanda, onde fui recebido por um motorista da Veolia, que me levou ao hotel Skyna. Passado meia-hora, a querida amiga Mónica Vinha da Total veio-me buscar e fomos jantar a um restaurante na baixa, antes de irmos dar uma volta por Luanda (que, tal como esperava e me tinham prevenido, está completamente diferente, quase irreconhecível para quem não esteve ali durante dez anos).


Na terça-feira de manhã, o Mark e o outro consultor sénior da Veolia chegaram bem cedo e passámos o dia em reuniões.

O mais fascinante de tudo foi ter estado em Luanda de 11 a 15 de Agosto, tendo sido o dia 13 o epicentro, a data-chave, e o único dia em que tive algum tempo livre, para além dos dias de chegada e partida. Foi o dia em que mal dormi e em que fomos em 5 jipes com o Ministério do Ambiente e as 5 empresas do consórcio visitar os vários pontos de localização do projeto Quilonga Grande, o ponto de extração de água do Rio Kwanza (ou Cuanza) no Bom Jesus, os locais onde vão estar a estação de tratamento de água e várias das dez centrais de distribuição. Fizémos mais de 130km nesse dia, tendo acordado às 6h30, e dormido pouco mais de uma hora, tal era o meu estado de excitação e ansiedade (sim, ainda cá estava, essa minha velha companheira de viagem ;-)).

Voltámos ao hotel Skyna para almoçar e depois do almoço tive a tarde livre. Acabei por pedir ao Mark para ele me acompanhar ao prédio onde morava, ao qual fomos a pé (uns 15 minutos de onde estávamos). Quando chegámos à rua, deparei-me com uma visão bem familiar, apesar de estar muito mais limpa e alcatroada, de o prédio ter mudado de nome (agora é o Kalunga Atrium, era o prédio da Sical) e de até os transeuntes serem diferentes, com malta engravatada e bem vestida a passar na rua. Fui à receção e falei com o segurança, explicando-lhe que era o tal Tuga que tinha caído do 6A exatamente 10 anos antes, nesse mesmo dia. O homem ficou espantado, pois tinha ouvido falar da história, embora só tivesse começado a trabalhar no prédio uns anos depois. Toda a gente pensava que estivesse morto ou tetraplégico, e ele estava atónito por me ver de tão boa saúde. Falámos um pouco e pedi-lhe para subir até ao 6º andar.

Tirámos fotos para registar o momento, e deixaram-me a sós, por uns minutos, no local de onde tudo aconteceu. A luz do apartamento onde vivi estava acesa, mas ninguém atendeu a campainha. Fiquei a espreitar do sítio de onde tinha despencado para embater no capô de uma station wagon do vizinho do lado, 32 metros lá em baixo, e onde o Mark parecia uma formiga. A emoção foi indescritível! Vivi um carrossel de sensações e memórias, passaram-me milhões de imagens à frente, como se fossem várias vidas a desfilar e não consegui efetivamente lembrar-me do que tinha acontecido. O que consegui fazer, e era o que mais pretendia com esta efeméride, foi fazer as pazes com o que quer que aconteceu e seguir para a frente, com uma clara noção de que a vida é um milagre, que não existem coincidências e de que eu sou enormemente grato por ainda poder disfrutar dela.

2014-08-13 18.00.42

2014-08-13 18.01.02
2014-08-13 17.54.54
E ainda deu para uma volta pela cidade e”tropeçar” no Espaço Elinga, do qual me tinha esquecido mas onde tinha aulas de percussão e apresentei vários concertos e exposições. Subo as escadas e dou logo com uma prancha de madeira trabalhada e pintada, com os dizeres “Se ele é bom partido, imagina inteiro” (e logo no dia em que comemorava 10 anos de me ter partido todo). Encontrei vários velhos amigos que estavam ali como “por acaso”, pois até já nem costumavam ir lá ou estavam de passagem. O Orlando, que já geria o Elinga Teatro quando eu vivia em Luanda, e no qual eu tinha organizado e apresentado vários concertos e exposições, para além de ter tido aulas de percussão com o Jean Franco, percussionista Congolês. O Orlando gritou por mim e disse: “Manu, não sabes qual a coincidência de me encontrares aqui! Não estou aqui há meses, estou aqui poucas horas e não vou estar aqui durante meses!” Começo a contar o que me tinha acontecido e tudo o que tinha partido até que, quando digo que tinha partido a articulação do dedo grande do pé direito em cinco sítios (e que nem sabia que se podia partir essa articulação, quanto mais em tantos sítios), quando o Kasaka (artesão de peças em couro, a quem comprei uma mala que me acompanha regularmente desde então) se passa da cabeça e diz: “Mano, tu nem sabes bem o que estás a dizer; isso aconteceu ao meu pai e a dezenas de milhares de Angolanos durante a guerra civil”. O MPLA quando apanhava pessoal da Unita muitas vezes partia-lhes o dedo grande do pé direito, e assim deixavam de poder andar direito, tal como a mim me aconteceu.

Imaginem só!

Imaginem só!

Para rematar o dia, fomos jantar no Lokaal, um dos mais melhores e mais caros restaurantes em Luanda, para comer marisco incrível (o melhor sendo Português, claro), beber vinho excelente (ibidem) e disfrutar de grandes vistas sobre a praia. Um dos jantares mais caros que tive na minha vida, no final de um dia destes, junto à praia, o que mais dizer?

No dia seguinte, depois do Mark e do colega se terem ido embora, ainda fui jantar fora com antigos colegas da Total. Foi espetacular rever os kambas de longa data e ver que estão bem e de saúde, a Malena de Novaes que tanto fez por mim depois do acidente, a Mónica Vinha e o companheiro, o Paulo Viegas, a Eva Rosa dos Santos, o Henda Viegas, entre outros. E na sexta-feira, ainda me encontrei com o César Dowling, amigo de infância de Tavira que agora está por terras da Rainha Nzinga, me foi buscar ao hotel e me levou ao aeroporto, para fazer uma saída de casa para casa.

A única coisa que correu menos bem na viagem toda foi mesmo à saída, em que me ficaram com um isqueiro no controlo de segurança do aeroporto e me iam enviando (e a mais umas dezenas de passageiros) num voo para Joanesburgo, bem como uma diarreia que apanhei na véspera de me ir embora.

2014-08-14 20.02.26

2014-08-14 20.02.17-2

Sinto que a vida é feita de altos e baixos e não tenho ilusões de que ainda vou aprender (ou sofrer) muito. Assim parece ser o meu karma. Só que suspeito que ainda vou ser mais feliz, e que vou amar mais do que tudo o que possa alguma vez sofrer. Sorrio para a vida com todas as células no meu corpo, com cada poro, e em cada respiração. Sim, há chatos, sim, a maior parte das pessoas (sim, já a começar por mim) são incongruentes e fazem mal a elas, a outros e a tudo o que os rodeia, sim, há muito má gente por aí (será que são mesmo maus, ou seres inconscientes e a quem fizeram muito mal?), só que a maioria dos seres humanos são pessoas como eu e tu, que querem o melhor para si e os seus e que não querem fazer o mal. Só fazer o bem e ser feliz.


I am, have been and will be myself, neither less nor more than that, One day I may have wanted to cease to be. Life said no, that I still had a lot to live.

In the first day of July, my dear friend Carocha, an Indian from the Amazon fusioned in a free spirit from old Europe, had a serious conversation with me. She told that she felt that I stressed a lot, always chasing what I wanted, trying to push it towards me and running away from what I didn’t want and like, pulling it away from me, that I should let life flow and not always try to be in control of it. That truth touched me deeply and left me pondering, stupefied by the clarity of her insight. She saw in transparency what had always eluded me! I went home immersed in thoughts, dreamt with escapes and pursuits, com a damned mess through a dense forest, until I reached a clearing where there was a serene and majestic elder, with dragon wings. He was with his back facing me; I carefully turned around him and was astonished to see that, after all, the elder was none els but myself…!!!

When I woke up, I meditated (something that I hadn’t done as much as I wanted to, even though I knew that it does well to me and that I missed it so much) and made a vow to myself: from then on I would try and be calmer and let myself be carried more by life, instead of trying to control it and being so anxious for results and full of expectations. Easier said than done, yet at least that was the intention.

The lust for life I had made that I didn’t let the softness and lightness of the moment take me to other stops, much further than I had imagined or even dreamt.

So it happened: the first sign that there are no coincidences and I had unlocked something very significant in my life I had it that same day, the 2nd July 2014.

That day I received a message in LinkedIn from a friend I knew at Schumacher College, in England, one of the times I was volunteering there, in two weeks in October 2012. Doctor Mark Mclellan is a sui generis Englishman, with a broad experience in environmental engineering and sustainability, issuing from the British working class, one of the countries in the world with more class segregation. We got along instantaneously and I was very impressed by a conversation we had in which he explained me that he had lived almost like an eremite during a period of his life, when he really became aware of how we are destroying life on this planet and our own chances of future subsistence as a species, until he realised that the positive impact of his actions was very little in the grand scheme of things, that he was actually creating antibodies and being of poor service to the environmental movement, because that was really not the best way neither of raising people’s awareness nor of changing something significant. We had reached the conclusion that the best would be to be happy, that it was the biggest contribution that we could make for the sustainability of the planet and of the human species. Mark’s email wrote:

“Hey buddy,

Hows life? I am working in Lyon these days, drop me a line at …@….com, I may have a project we could team up on in Angola.”

So it was, the very same day that I have decided to let life flow and try not being a control freak, something was set in motion in my universe. And I only saw and answered to his message on the 4th, which was the very last useful day for him to accept the project (he later told me that, a few hours later and he would’ve said no to Veolia…).

And thus I embarked in the great journey that took me back to Angola, to celebrate the ten years of a new life. After having fallen from the sixth floor of Kalunga Atrium (former Sical building) and having spent three weeks in a deep coma, my life changed completely, as well as my interests, thoughts and ambitions. I had thought immensely and dreamt several times of returning to Luanda ten years later, to mark the date and make the balance of the new life that I am living since then, but I had already put that possibility aside, because it was in the middle of August, the peak of the high season and I would be working in my project in Tavira.

I spoke and exchanged emails regularly with Mark over the following weeks. First he spoke to me of us going to Angola still in July, which wasn’t at all what I wanted. But, reminding what dear friend Carocha had told me, for the first time I chose not to try and influence it. Whatever was to be destined to me, I would accept it. So it was! Two days later, Mark called me saying that he would go alone in July and that we could then go together in August. He asked when was better for me, to which I answered that any time was difficult (because of the shop) but that I would find the time and leave things organised, so that the best was for him to choose.

And so it was! Some days later he told me that the final date was the 11th August (just in time to be there on the 13th). And then I almost lost it all, by confessing how important it was for me to be there on the 13th (though not saying the why). As by an accident of fate (hahaha), the following day he told me that we maybe had to go the following week. It was then that I saw that I really had to stop trying to control and influence, that if this had to happen when it was to be, it would. And so it was again! I told him that it would be as it would have to be, that I was open and available. Two days later Mark calls me saying that finally we really had to go on the 11th, because the client was only there until the end of that week. What a bugger!!! 😉

I lived in Luanda for 23 months, from September 2002 until August 2004, working for Total E&P (Exploration and Production) Angola, former TotalFinaElf E&P Angola, as Recruitment Officer. To accept that position was one of the toughest decisions in my life, as I already had at the time a pretty awakened social and environmental conscience and I distinctively knew that oil companies are some of the companies with the biggest negative impact in beautiful and fragile ecosystems of our magnificent blue planet that so graciously provides us with a home. To be able to return 10 years later, and on top of this supervising an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study for a major water supply system to Luanda, that will give drinking water to millions of people, was a wonderful turnaround in the little life of Bé.

Yet the test wasn’t overcome yet! To get the visa for Angola was a saga. I had to spend most of the day in the Consulate in Faro for three days in a row. My flight to Luanda was booked for the 11th, Monday. I went the first time to the Consulate of Angola in Faro on Wednesday the 6th (and this after I had called two times before, in which they gave me contradictory information) to see what was necessary, take two vaccine jabs, go to the tribunal to get a criminal record declaration and also to the bank to get a declaration with my bank balance (to prove that I had at least 200$ per each day I stayed in Angola). When I thought that everything was well on the way, I still had to secure travel insurance (the insurance included in the flight was not enough, because it wasn’t in my name).

To my amazement, in the second day it all got more complicated, as they told me that I needed a letter of invitation to go to Angola, done by an Angolan national and authenticated by a notary, or that the invitation letter from Veolia, Águas de Angola had to be signed by the country manager, accompanied by an authenticated copy of his passport, with the Angolan work visa. Besides this, the hotel booking was lagging and, without it they wouldn’t give me the visa (despite paying the “modest sum” of 300.40€ for a 7 day visa and working for a project of extreme importance for millions of persons in Luanda). I spoke several times with the project manager of Veolia, Águas de Angola and she tried to unblock the situation until Friday. I couldn’t use the telephone inside the Consulate (the security guard even threatened to impound my phone if I used it again), even though I had to in order to communicate with her and Veolia’s staff in France. I left the Consulate without knowing if, the following day, I would obtain the visa, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to go to Luanda on Monday, as the Consulate in Faro closes during the weekend, only opens Monday at 10am and the plane was leaving on Monday at 11am from Lisbon, so it would be impossible! Total stress, yet I let things flow. I had done my part, if the universe wanted me to go, things would unlock in order for me to make peace with my past and be able to move forward, free and happy. And, once again, so it was! Yet not without suffering a bit more: I only received the visa on Friday afternoon, half an hour before the Consulate closed and after having delivered the remainder missing documentation (hotel booking and travel insurance) and Veolia’s project manager had sent a signed letter of invitation authenticated in the notary, that finally wasn’t necessary, as they accepted Veolia’s letter of invitation (even though it had been stamped in France and I was asking for the visa in Portugal, uff).

Monday I finally flew into Luanda, where I was received by a driver from Veolia, who took me to the Skyna hotel. After half an hour, my dear friend from Total, Mónica Vinha went to pick me up, and we went for diner at a restaurant downtown, before we went for a ride around Luanda (that, as I expected and had been warned, is completely different, almost unrecognisable for someone who hasn’t been there for ten years).

Tuesday morning Mark and a senior consultant for Veolia arrived very early and we spent the day in meetings.

The most fascinating of it all was that I was in Luanda from the 11th until the 15th, being the 13th the epicentre, the key date, and only day in which I had some free time, besides the arrival and departure days. It was the day in which we’ve visited the different location points of the Quilonga Grande project, the water abstraction point from the Kwanza River, the locations were the water treatment plant and several distribution centres will be. We did more than 130km that day, having woken up at 6.30am, and slept little more than one hour, so excited and anxious I was (yes, it was still around, my old travel companion ;-).

Kel & JM
Kel & JM

From 2pm onwards I had free time, largely sufficient to go to walk to the Sical building (now Kalunga Atrium), where had happened what would change my life forever. And afterwards, I still walked around town and “stumbled” upon Espaço Elinga (that I had completely forgotten), where I met several old friends who there as if by “accident”, as they now rarely went there. Orlando, who already managed Elinga Teatro when I lived in Luanda, in which I had organised several concerts and exhibitions, besides having had percussion lessons with Jean Franco, Congolese percussionist. Orlando screamed for me and told me: “Manu, you don’t know the coincidence it is to meet me here! I haven’t been here in months, I’m here for a few hours and won’t be here again for months!” I start telling them what had happened to me and all the injuries and fractures that I’d had, and when I say that I had broken the articulation of the right toe in five different places, (and that I didn’t even know that you could break the toe’s articulation, let alone in so many places), when Kasaka (leatherwork artisan, to whom I bought a purse that still accompanies regularly since then) freaks out and says: “Mano, you don’t even know what you’re saying; that happened to my father and tens of thousands of people during the civil war.” Quite often, the MPLA troops, upon capturing Unita’s troops, would break their right toe, so they wouldn’t be able to walk straight, just as it happened to me.



Mark went with me to the crime scene, a 15-minute walk from the Hotel Skyna where we were accommodated, as in the meantime I had told him why it was so important to be there on that date and the interesting process that had unfolded for it to happen. He confirmed how extraordinary and unlikely all this had been, to be there and then, because the project was, for several times, almost not unfolding and the dates were always changing.

Antie Kel
Antie Kel

Zoomed antie Kel
Zoomed antie Kel

Kel marks the spot
Kel marks the spot

Birds view
Birds view

We took photos to register the moment and I was left alone, for a few minutes, alone where it all happened. The lights of the apartment where I had lived were on, yet no one answered the door. I stayed there, peeking from where I had fallen into the hood of a station wagon my next-door neighbour, 32 metres down below, and where Mark looked like an ant. The emotion was beyond words! I lived a rollercoaster of sensations and memories, and millions of images passed through me, it was like as if several lives passed in seconds, and I couldn’t effectively remember of what had happened. What I could do, and that was what I most wanted with this symbolic act, was to make peace with whatever has happened and move onwards, with the clear notion that life is a miracle, that there are no coincidences and that I am enormously gratefully for still being able to enjoy it.

To seal off the day, we went for dinner at Lokaal, one of the top restaurants in Luanda, to have amazing (Portuguese, of course) seafood, lovely wine (same same, no different) and great views over the beach. One of the most expensive dinners I had in my life, on such a day, by the beach, what else to say?

Manu, Kel e Judith
Manu, Kel e Judith

2014-08-13 19.28.12

The following day, after Mark and colleague left, I still went out for diner with former colleagues from Total.


It was awesome to review long time kambas (friends) and to see that they are well and healthy. And Friday, I still met with César Dowling, a childhood friend from Tavira who is now in the lands of Queen Nzinga and took me to the airport, to make a departure going home from home. The only thing that went less well in the whole journey was right at the end when they’ve kept a lighter at the security control and were almost sending me (and dozens of other passengers) in a flight to Johannesburg and diarrhea manifested on the final day, lasting for five days.

I feel that life is made of ups and downs and I have no illusions that I will still learn (or suffer) a lot. That seems to be my karma. Yet I suspect that I will be even happier and that I will love more than anything that I may ever suffer. I smile to life with all the cells in my body, with each pore, and in each breath. Yes, some people are a pain in the butt, yes, most people (yes, already starting with me) are incongruent and harm themselves, others and everything that surrounds, yes, there is plenty of bad people around (are they really evil, or unconscious beings who have been seriously harmed?), yet most human beings are people just like me and you, who want the best for themselves and the ones dear to them and who do not mean to do harm. Just do good and be happy.

Vegetariano, eu? No way…

Esta mensagem é longa, mas espero que valha a pena pela transformadora experiência pessoal que revela:Image
* Fui educado como omnívoro e, pertencendo à classe média alta Portuguesa, comia imensa carne, de todos os géneros e feitios. Os vegetarianos faziam-me confusão e não achava isso nada saudável.

* Em alguns checkups que ia fazendo, os médicos diziam-me que tinha a tensão e os triglicéridos altos, mas como essa aparenta ser uma herança genética do meu pai (e o cancro da próstata, que não vai tomar conta de mim), não fiz a ligação ao meu consumo de seres sencientes (não há prova científica de que as plantas sintam, tenham consciência do seu eu individual ou tenham volição; para quem avança com comparaçoes, desafio a acariciarem uma planta e a esperar um carinho de retorno ou a dar-lhe comida e a que ela vos agradeça de forma perceptivel).

* A primeira vez que levei o vegetarianismo mais a sério já tinha passado a trintena, e isso só aconteceu depois de ter sobrevivido a um acidente que transformou a minha vida para o período que ela ainda durar.

* Nessa altura (há pouco menos de 10 anos), comecei a aperceber-me que não éramos “reis e senhores” deste planeta, que não tínhamos direito a “escavacá-lo” nem a dar cabo de tudo e todos, a nosso bel prazer. Apercebi-me das mudanças climáticas e sinto que a minha consciência ambiental despertou verdadeiramente nesta altura (embora já fosse sensível a isso). Houve um filme que me marcou neste aspecto, porque me fez aperceber das consequências ambientais do consumo desmesurado (ou apenas o que era habitual para mim) de carne. Este é um filme que aconselho vivamente a todos e que sinto que deveria ser dado nas escolas e associações deste planeta, pois mais emissões mundiais são geradas apenas por criação de gado (incluindo as barrosâs) que por todos os transportes no mundo inteiro:
Lembro-me também de algumas frases que ouvi na vida e me marcaram, como: “The Earth has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”; “Comer um bife é dar uma estalada numa criança que passa fome noutro local do planeta”.

* Num dos checkups que fiz, comecei a colocar-me questões sobre os impactos do consumo de carne nos meus triglicéridos, tensão arterial e esperança de vida. Coloquei mais questões e comecei a informar-me melhor. Apercebi-me de que há uma publicidade enorme e uma desinformação gigantesca sobre o que é a nutrição e a saúde, devido a interesses comerciais e ao senso comum (que não tem nada a ver com o bom senso). E que mesmo pessoas que afirmam algo sobranceiramente que estudam nutrição há mais de 30 anos, que já viram tudo de tudo e que eu não percebo nada disso depois dizem que “puxar pelo caparro” e esforço físico obriga a sumplementação proteica, que somente podem ser fornecidos pela carne, como se não houvesse proteínas vegetais nem diversos atletas campeões olímpicos (como o mítico Carl Lewis) que fossem vegetarianos ou veganos. Podem ver mais em:

* Vivi na Polónia com uma namorada vegetariana e aí comecei a ter uma dieta mais vegetariana, embora ainda comesse carne de vez em quando (mais do que agora). Continuei em Inglaterra (em Londres e em Exeter), no Cambodja e quando voltei a Portugal.

* Foi a descoberta da cultura budista e a pesquisa que enceitei no interior do meu espírito que me levou, contudo, a decidir tornar-me mesmo vegetariano, pelo menos na medida do possível. Foi a terceira dimensão do vegetarianismo que me convenceu que era mesmo o que eu tinha de fazer. Que não poderia ser bom para o meu karma eu continuar a contribuir para a morte de seres sencientes, que desejam ser felizes, sentem prazer e dor e têm consciência de si próprios. Depois da dimensão ambiental, da dimensão pessoal (de saúde), foi a dimensão ética e espiritual do vegetarianismo que me “deu a volta”.

* Não consigo atualmente manter uma dieta exclusivamente vegana ou vegetariana porque isso é muito difícil numa pequena cidade em Portugal e, como tenho uma vida bastante activa, tenho bastante dificuldade em encontrar os nutrientes que necessito (sim, porque uma dieta vegetariana variada e saudável, como já tive em vários países, não é apenas alface, tomate, cebola e cenoura…), menus ou refeições vegetarianas em restaurantes.

* Achava que os humanos eram omnívoros e que comeram carne desde as origens. Acontece que, depois de ver mais um vídeo do Gary Yourofsky (, me apercebi de muitas coisas, de fragmentos de informação que começaram a fazer sentido. Por isso mudei de opinião e hoje acho que os humanos são herbívoros, porque realmente era impossível que todas as culturas em todo o planeta tivessem sido carnívoras ao longo da história. Lembrei-me de saberes antigos, da cultura a que tive acesso na aldeia do meu pai na beira alta, e no que a minha avó me contava, que antigamente comiam carne uma vez por mês ou menos, em altura de festa.

* A monocultura é completamente contrária à cultura vegetariana, vegana ou macrobiótica que apoio.

* Respeito os outros, sejam humanos ou não. Faz-me confusão como é que seres humanos sensíveis, que afirmam perceber de nutrição e que fazem esforços por uma mudança civilizacional, depois não se apercebem que o consumo de carne está intrinsecamente ligado a esta cultura que tanto criticam. Sinto também que alguém deve defender quem não o pode fazer, que não devemos condenar milhões de seres vivos a um sofrimento horrível, com o efeito secundário de nos causar doenças e efeitos ambientais perversos.
Os outros animais são como os animais racionais pobres e oprimidos, com a agravante de nem sequer poderem falar para se defender (e isto se alguém quisesse ouvir). Será que têm menos direitos do que os últimos?

* Evito ser fundamentalista e ter certezas. Adoro carne e não a como exclusivamente por esta ou aquela razão. Ainda a como, muito de vez em quando, quando sei a sua origem e for de pequena produção doméstica ou selvagem. Contudo, decido não a comer regularmente por isso ser melhor para todos: para mim, para o animal, para a natureza e para os pobres deste mundo (por melhor que me saiba, 1kg de carne de vaca precisa em média de 800kg de cereais para ser “produzida”).

Se aspiramos a sobreviver neste planeta e a algum tipo de mudança espiritual e civilizacional, sinto que isso está intrinsecamente ligado a uma mudança de dieta e a, no mínimo, uma redução enorme do consumo de carne.

Effective Holistic Collaboration

A groundbreaking course took place at EcoDharma in April 2014. It was a great mix between inner and outer work, group exercises and inner transition work. We’ve explored power dynamics within groups, how to manage conflict, different profiles and interests, power dynamics, different group forming stages (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing). A fascinating subject, masterfully delivered by Nick Osborne, Guhyapati and Justine Corrie.
Here are some links and useful materials, as well as photos of the setting and the people:!141&cid=094c19f88ae71650&app=WordPdf!465&authkey=!AB7v21XOyYTvk6g

Transição a pedal em Tavira

Kevin e Sylvia estão de passagem por Tavira, no seu périplo de bicicleta desde que saíram de Bristol, no Reino Unido, há 8 meses e por onde vão andar até ao final do ano, depois de fazerem um tour com o seu espetáculo ambulante pela Bretanha. Podem ver mais informações em: e

Amanhã, quarta-feira a partir das 19h vai haver no Café Pessoas uma exibição de curtas metragens seguida de uma tertúlia sobre a vida em bicicleta.

No Sábado a partir das 10h vai haver um workshop sobre reparação e manutenção de bicicletas em frente à Beterraba, no Mercado Municipal. Qualquer um pode ir para reparar ou fazer a manutenção da sua bicicleta.

Liberta o ciclista que há em ti!


I’ve recently opened a shop for my newest project in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal.

Je viens d’ouvrir un magasin pour mon tout dernier project a Tavira, Algarve, Portugal.

Abri recentemente uma loja do meu mais recente projecto em Tavira, Portugal.

For more info / Pour plus d’infos / Para mais informações:

Recolha selectiva em escritórios – Jornal Quercus Ambiente

Mais uma vez a iniciativa de reciclagem de plásticos e papel que implementei na Torre Oriente foi publicada num jornal, desta feita no Jornal Quercus Ambiente. Espero que esta iniciativa seja replicada em muitos outros edifícios!

Jornal Quercus Ambiente, edição Nº 58, Maio/Junho 2013
“A ideia partiu de um sócio e colaborador da Quercus. Na empresa em que trabalhava, a Fujitsu, sediada na Torre Oriente do Centro Comercial Colombo, em Lisboa, observou que os resíduos resultantes da atividade nesse grande centro de escritórios, mais diversos que o óbvio papel e consumíveis., não eram separados e encaminhados para reciclagem, as embalagens e o vidro eram recolhidos como indiferenciados. Em 2010, contactou o Centro de Informação de Resíduos da Quercus com o intuito de, em conjunto, dinamizar aquele que seria um projeto piloto, com uma abrangência e sucesso além do inicialmente esperado. Assim, a Quercus, em parceria com a EGEO, entidade gestora dos resíduos contratada pela Jones Lang La Salle – empresa gestora da Torre Oriente do Colombo – e as restantes empresas residentes na mesma Torre, implementaram um sistema inédito em Portugal. Isto deu também o mote para o início da atual “Campanha para a recolha selectiva de RSU em escritórios”.

Abandonados os tradicionais cestos de papéis, onde cada funcionário colocava o seu lixo de forma indiferenciada, cada empresa instalou recipientes para a recolha seletiva em locais estratégicos e, dando indicações básicas a todos os colaboradores (que aderiram com facilidade a esta nova modalidade), a deposição e recolha de todo o lixo produzido passou a ser feita a partir destes mini-ecopontos.

As embalagens de papel, vidro e resíduos orgânicos são agora recolhidas (já separadas) pelas empresas de serviços de limpeza contratadas por cada uma das empresas aderentes, e armazenadas no parque de resíduos, situado na cave da Torre Oriente, onde a EGEO assegura a recolha e encaminhamento final de todos os resíduos produzidos, para reciclagem.

Os RSU´s (indiferenciados) e cartão são recolhidos por viaturas de compactação em dois circuitos distintos.

As embalagens e o vidro são depositados no centro de resíduos em Big Bags, sendo que estes são recolhidos pela EGEO ao se atingirem aproximadamente 10 Big Bags (sacos de plástico de 800 litros).

Anteriormente estes resíduos eram armazenados no parque de resíduos e posteriormente encaminhados como indiferenciados pela EGEO para a Valorsul, com destino final em aterro. Após a implementação deste projeto, depois de caracterizados e contabilizados como produção de RSU num escritório, os resíduos são encaminhados para reciclagem.

Apesar de ainda se verificarem algumas falhas, nomeadamente uma eventual resistência de algumas pessoas em separar o seu lixo ou uma distração / pouca sensibilização do pessoal de limpeza ao recolher os recipientes, este projeto já pode ser considerado como um êxito e passível de ser replicado.

Na Torre Oriente do Colombo trabalham 2200 pessoas. Em 14 pisos e em 6 empresas recolheram-se:

Em 2011
Designação Destino Quantidade/toneladas
Cartão/papel Egeo 20,911
Vidro Egeo 0,25
Embalagem Valorsul 1,980

Em 2012
Designação Destino Quantidade/ toneladas
Cartão/papel Egeo 12,963
Vidro Valorsul 0,14
Embalagem Egeo 1,580

A diferença entre os valores de RSU recolhidos em 2011 e 2012, está relacionada com a redução dos materiais separados, originada pela menor produção de resíduos que se tem verificado nos últimos anos.

No âmbito desta campanha, a Quercus pretende implementar este sistema noutros edifícios ou centros de escritórios, encontrando-se já em contacto com outras entidades e usando este exemplo de boa prática como incentivo à sua adesão, sendo que as possibilidades de funcionamento noutros tipos de estruturas são diversas e bem reais. Centros comerciais, torres de escritórios e grandes superfícies de serviços diversos são algumas das entidades passíveis de e viáveis para adoptar esta fórmula.

A Torre Ocidente do Colombo, que iniciou há pouco a sua actividade, já utiliza também este sistema para a recolha dos RSU produzidos pelas empresas que a ocupam e virão a ocupar.”

PDC in Action: Nascentes de Luz

Here are some photos of an outstanding two weeks at Nascentes de Luz, a project from Sister Margarida in Maceira do Liz, near Leiria, and facilitated by Richard Perkins and Eunice Lisboa. Amazing times, with 27 other talented people. We started as strangers and parted as family ;-)))